What is a Rapt Media Interactive Video?

Simply put, it’s an HTML5 video your audience can click on to make choices, even on mobile.

It’s engaging

When a viewer clicks on an interactive hotspot, they’re taken to a new segment. The power to direct their own experience provides the viewer with a level of engagement unmatched by linear video.

It’s not a closed box

With our Site Pairing technology, our videos can communicate with their surrounding website or third-party software by sending and receiving events. The possibilities are endless.

How does it work?

Glad you asked. Our powerful, cloud-based DIY editor lets you build and publish an interactive project in mere minutes.



Intuitive and powerful video creation

Equally adept at both storyboarding and production, our flexible and intuitive online editor works seamlessly with your existing creative process. Storyboard your project, and upload your videos, images, and audio as you have them.

One-click publishing

Publish with a single click to share your video with the world. But what if your video isn’t performing as well as expected? Unlike Flash solutions, our HTML5 platform allows you to iterate on your video. Simply make any necessary changes and republish.

What does it look like?


Find out what happens next

The Rapt Media adventure continues here and through the interactive stories you have yet to create. Enter your email address to stay informed about our stories, and sign-up now to start creating your own! Together we will build the future of online video.

Why Interactive Video?

Creative possibility

Works on any device

Built with HTML5, our Interactive Videos play natively in modern browsers and across devices, including tablets and handhelds.

Increased engagement

Increased engagement

Our platform helps you create content that is compelling and valuable to your viewers. This results in delighted audiences who stay with interactive content three to four times longer than a traditional online video.

Untapped revenue

Unparalleled support

Creating Interactive Video is now easier than ever. But to take full advantage of our platform, you’ll sometimes need a little help. We also offer unparalleled support such as platform training, creative consulting, and technical consulting.

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