Our story

Erika Trautman has always been passionate about telling stories. She owned an Emmy award winning video production company in the Bay area and worked for over 10 years in the industry; but at some point she started to wonder why online video, despite its rapid growth, really wasn’t taking advantage of what the internet does best – interactivity.

Meanwhile, Cameron McCaddon, Sr. Managing Game Designer at Namco Networks (in charge of Social Online, Casual Download, and Mobile gaming) was dreaming of ways he could combine video with the interactive, social elements already prevalent in the gaming industry.

Together, Erika and Cameron founded Rapt Media (formerly FlixMaster), with the goal of bringing enhanced interactivity and “branching” to online video. Over the past few years, they have teamed up with some incredibly-talented individuals to make this dream a reality and pioneer the evolution of online video.