Interactive videos: Choose your own engagement rate

interactive videos engagement rate

This article was originally published via Magnet Media Films.

You already know you need video. You’ve likely committed a significant amount of your marketing budget to creating a steady stream of content and optimizing your YouTube channel in an effort to increase organic viewership.

But here’s an important question to ask. Let’s say you’re getting decent impressions and views. How do you know if your audience is really engaged?

According to Google, consumers have more than ten interactions with a brand before they make a purchase. This means marketers need video content that meets the consumer at every turn, that focuses on each step of the sales funnel, and that pays service to every business objective. This may mean you create a series of videos to engage the consumer—or it could take the shape of personalized, interactive videos.


Interactive webinar: Make your video training interactive

Make Your Video Training Interactive

Today’s workforce is detached and disengaged. When it comes to learning and information gathering, employees and consumers expect the same level of digital accessibility from the companies they work for and the brands they purchase from that they get in their personal lives. Enterprises need to change the way they communicate with their employees and customers, and interactive video is the way to do it.

This was the topic of our recent webinar, “Make Your Video Training Interactive,” with Kaltura, PwC, and The eLearning Guild. In it, we explored ways to make your training and onboarding programs more engaging, cost-effective, and impactful. Interactive video is innovating corporate training and onboarding and transforming the way people engage and learn. Short of actually connecting in person, navigable, interactive video is the single best way to create a personalized, authentic, two-way employee/employer and customer/company connection.

If you missed the webinar, never fear! We transformed the recording into an interactive video experience, making it easy to explore the information that’s most applicable and interesting to you.

Rapt Media and Kaltura partner to increase customer and employee engagement

Rapt media kaltura partnership customer employee engagement

We’ve got some exciting news to share today. Rapt Media is integrating with Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, bringing enterprise companies and educational institutions better engagement, learning, and behavior change through interactive video experiences. The solution will be available to all Kaltura customers beginning in April.

Why go interactive?

Enterprise companies have to break through a noisy, congested minefield of competing information to reach their target audiences—whether internal or external. Couple this challenging landscape with lofty expectations from a digitally savvy audience, and we all have our work cut out for us.

What businesses are doing to reach and engage employees simply isn’t working. For more than ten years, Gallup and other researchers have reported dismal employee engagement figures. We know video is a powerful tool, but video alone is no longer enough to move the needle. Companies must rethink their video strategy. There is no better way, other than through human connection, to create a personalized, authentic, two-way employee/employer interaction than a navigable, interactive video experience.

When offered response-provoking video experiences, employees and customers sit up, pay attention, and take action.

‘The Dopamine Effect’: How enterprise companies can make learning like a runner’s high

Dopamine Effect with Interactive Video

“The Dopamine Effect” and the positive impact it can have on learning, is just part of the subject matter our VP of partnerships and sales, Greg Adamietz, and Kaltura’s SVP of Enterprise & Education, Justin Beck, will explore when they share the stage together at Learning Solutions 2017 on Thursday, March 23.

The conference, put on by The eLearning Guild, is dedicated to exploring the different technologies that are disrupting the status quo of learning and development today.


How to increase employee 401(k) contribution and participation with interactive video

increase employee 401k contribution

Editor’s Note: Rapt Media is thrilled to welcome Magnet Media’s Director of Motion & Interactive, Max Alex, as our featured guest writer. Max has developed original design concepts, marketing campaigns, and digital media for the past 10 years and is armed with a comprehensive awareness and love of new platforms, tech, and trends.

Tapping into an innate desire

Crucial to the success of any employee benefit plan is the cooperation and participation of a company’s employees. This applies in particular to the success of a company’s 401(k) plan. So how can you increase employee 401(k) contribution?

Tapping into an innate desire

Crucial to the success of any employee benefit plan is the cooperation and participation of a company’s employees. This applies in particular to the success of a company’s 401(k) plan. So how can you increase employee 401(k) contribution?

At Magnet Media, we regularly work with companies that are trying to drive engagement and participation when it comes to 401(k) plans. What we’ve learned is that the majority of employees are not maximizing defined contribution plans in ways that set them up for prosperous and sustainable retirement. And this even includes highly educated employees.

A key insight is people have an innate desire for a secure future. So how do you tap into that natural desire, capturing their attention long enough to drive the behavior that leads to increased participation and contribution?


The Sharks of ‘Shark Tank’ dish in ABC News ’20/20′ interactive interview, powered by Rapt Media tech

ABC News Shark Tank interactive interview

A few weeks ago, ABC News “20/20” anchors David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas sat down with the Sharks to celebrate “Shark Tank’s” seven-and-a-half-year journey leading up to their $100 million in deals made on the show. In the interactive interview, the Sharks of “Shark Tank” dish on their biggest regrets and best deals over the years.

ABC News producer Jeff Schneider created the interactive version to allow users to navigate the interview by selecting a topic from an interactive menu. Topics range from “What were some of the worst pitches?” to “How should you pitch a Shark?” to “What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?” to “Who is the smartest shark?” Select from the menu and explore the parts of the interview that are most interesting to you.