Interactive product selector video brings in-store retail experience online


Providing an online shopping experience that’s as effective as an in-person, in-store experience, is no easy task. This is especially true when the product you’re selling is reliant on the customer trying it on for themselves, like a pair of running shoes. Newton Running, a specialty running shoe company, came to us looking for a solution for that very problem.


Happy holidays! These interactive baking videos teach you how to ‘treat yo self’


It’s December 15, which means we are T-minus 10 days to both Christmas and Chanukah. Yes, this is an unusual year where both holidays—Christmas Eve and the first night of the “Festival of Lights”—fall on the same night. Holidays aside, no matter what you celebrate, one thing we can all get behind is holidays treats.

We always find ourselves baking something to share with our friends, coworkers, and family (or ourselves…don’t forget to treat yo self!) around this time of year, so we’re turning to two of our favorite interactive baking videos for ideas. The first takes us step-by-step through baking a heavenly bourbon pecan pie. More into cookies? The second video shows you how to make three different kinds of holiday cookies—complete with a gluten-free dough option (we are headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, after all).

The beauty of these videos, besides the delicious outcome at the end, is that you can choose to watch and interact with only the parts that you care about. Already know how to make a pie crust? Skip to the filling. Want to make your gluten-free friends happy this year? Go straight to the gluten-free dough video and skip the regular.

Click below to explore these interactive baking videos for the inside scoop on how to make these sweet treats.


Rapt Media’s new hire onboarding gets a face lift, and how I got to go to Vegas!


Lights, roulette, celebrities, food, and…interactive video?

by Drew Dillman, Motion and Visual Designer, Rapt Media

Sin City. An oasis of roulette tables, billboards, celebrity run-ins, buffets, and luxury hotels. The sounds of chips and jackpots combine with the smell of fried food and loss aversion in a dust-devil assault on the senses. This truly unique and magical desert getaway was the unlikely backdrop of The eLearning Guild’s annual DevLearn Expo, which I got to attend last month.

With a name as dull as “DevLearn,” the expo was surprisingly fun and eventful. Speakers fit for a Vegas marquee, such as Pixar’s Tony DeRose and magician Penn Jillette, enthused crowds. After some obscenities and fire breathing, Penn was even gracious enough to sign my laptop (see below). (more…)

How to ‘control + alt + delete’ your video strategy with interactive content


Today’s workforce requires an emotional connection and a sense of purpose that traditional corporate communications and trainings haven’t been able to achieve. We know meeting this need within your budget and using the resources at hand is not always easy, and it certainly requires new thinking and new technology.

Many organizations are looking to video as a powerful tool to address this challenge, but video alone is not enough to move the needle—you must rethink your video strategy. Our VP of Product, Caleb Hanson, addressed this very issue in two recent webinars.

According to Hanson, “Control + ALT + Delete” isn’t just the PC shortcut to reboot, it’s also a good mnemonic device for three important points about user-centric interactive video. Below, we’ll explain how you can use the concept of “Control + Alt + Delete” to reboot your video strategy with interactive content.