Why enterprise companies should go interactive

why enterprise companies should go interactive
This post was originally published by Kaltura on Feb. 16, 2017.

The mass consumption of online video hit an all-time high in 2016. Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube alone saw more than 20 billion video views per day—a trend that’s most definitely changing consumer expectations as it relates to all of our online experiences, whether as an employee or consumer.

The question for big enterprise companies isn’t whether or not to include video in their communications, training, and customer experience strategies. Rather, the question is how to leverage video in a scalable and strategic manner that includes driving needle-moving, measurable behavior change.

Is a total website redesign in 3 months a crazy idea? Yes, and here’s why we did it

rapt media website redesign in 3 months

You know that phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” I’m not sure that this applies here, but I would like to think that it does. The truth is, performing a complete website redesign in 3 months almost killed us (and it did indeed make us stronger), but when you know that it is critical to the business, the phrase “where there is a will, there is a way” definitely applies.

Kaltura Webinar: Make Your Video Training Interactive

Make your video training interactive

According to recent data, most companies are missing the mark when it comes to employee onboarding, learning, and engagement. Are you among them?

Join us on Thursday, February 23 for an expert-led webinar: “Make Your Video Training Interactive” by registering here. This event—hosted by Kaltura and Rapt Media—will feature insights from four industry leaders and will guide you toward the development of more engaging, cost-effective, and impactful training programs. You’ll leave with the tools you need to deliver measurable results.


Allianz Global Investors, Casual Films win ‘Best Candidate Interaction’ RAD Award


The Oscars may still be a month away, but for those in the recruitment advertising industry, their big night just happened. The 26th annual RAD Awards (Recruitment Advertising and Design), which celebrate the very best in recruitment communications and are considered by recruitment marketing professionals to be on par with winning an Oscar, took place January 26 in London.

We’re thrilled to share that our partner, Casual Films, took home a RAD award this year for its work with Allianz Global Investors in the category of “Best Candidate Interaction.”

Casual Films makes immersive film-led campaigns which build brand engagement, increase sales, and help to create high-performance cultures through recruitment and development.

The RAD Awards are the most rigorously-judged awards that Casual Films enters. According to Casual, “[RAD] prides themselves on the impartiality of the judging process and the quality of the work that rises to the top. Just being nominated is an honor.”

How PwC is driving internal digital awareness with interactive video

pwc digital awareness with interactive video the elearning guild case study

Generating excitement with interactive video

The eLearning Guild recently talked with professional services firm PwC to discover how the company used interactive video to support a learning and marketing program aimed at generating excitement and awareness around the ways its digital capabilities positively impact the world.

“With a large tech-savvy and client-focused population, we must provide learning that is engaging and modular,” Matthew Murray, Digital Learning Leader for PwC’s U.S. Learning and Development Group, told The eLearning Guild. “Our staff expects learning to be high quality and comparable to what they see in their daily life.”

In the eLearning Guild’s latest in-depth case study, author Sharon Vipond, Ph.D., shares how PwC leveraged its substantial experience with linear learning videos to launch its first interactive video initiative successfully, “Digital Awareness.”

Interactive webinar: Why your video strategy needs a reboot (and what to do about it)


It’s January, which means it’s that time of the year when everyone is setting goals and working on ways to improve their lives over the coming months. Sure, exercising more and learning a new language are great personal goals (we believe in you!), but if you haven’t started thinking of ways to achieve your 2017 business goals, now is the time.

As we’ve seen in the past year with companies like Aon Hewitt and Allianz Global Investors, using authentic, user-controlled interactive video experiences results in a strong emotional connection with your viewers and drives them to complete desired actions—a fast-track to reaching your business goals. Video should not only be focused on your consumers, but also your internal consumers: your employees!

With video projected to account for 79 percent of global internet traffic by 2020, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Complete Forecast, a new video strategy might be just what your company needs to get the results you fell short of in 2016.