Aardman and Rapt Media launch 'Dead Lonely,' an interactive zombie love story

by Jen Bergen |

We're thrilled to announce our new creative collaboration with Aardman, the four-time Oscar award-winning studio and talented team of storytellers behind “Wallace & Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep." We wanted to go deeper to explore the relationship between interactivity and storytelling, so we teamed up with Aardman to create “Dead Lonely," a short, interactive film that's part story and part game.

We chose to partner with Aardman because our companies are both rooted in storytelling and gaming (our co-founders, Erika Trautman and Cameron McCaddon ran an Emmy award-winning production company and worked in video game design in the Bay Area before starting Rapt Media). Daniel Efergan, Aardman Group Creative Director and one of the visionary minds behind “Dead Lonely,” said it best: “We wanted to partner with Rapt Media on this creative endeavor because our two teams have similar beliefs and philosophies about interactive content and how it can change the way people engage with stories.”

dead lonely fred barbara

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, “Dead Lonely” stars a lovable zombie named Fred. The film invites you to make Fred’s decisions throughout the story, helping him on his journey to find his long-lost love, Barbara. Quoting the film’s writer, Sam Morrison: “This is the classic story of someone searching for their life partner—or in this case—death partner.” The “Behind the Scenes With Aardman” interactive video allows visitors to explore Aardman’s creative, production, and technical process, including the collaboration in using our technology.

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Offering the opportunity to participate and connect with our main character impacts viewer behavior and level of engagement. With interactive video storytelling, the audience is invited in and presented with a gratifying experience that they control. In return, viewers are more apt to endeavor to learn more or respond to calls to action. The ability to measure and derive insights from behaviors within the content experience is then possible.

We believe that the future of content marketing is interactive content and storytelling. Goodbye to the “Information Age,” and hello to the “Experience Age!"

Watch "Dead Lonely" below, or click here to explore the "Behind the Scenes With Aardman"...

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Employee Engagement Report

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