Forrester Research & Rapt Media Webinar: Reach, Engage, and Convert with Interactive Video


Experts in content marketing & interactive video

Forrester Research is an expert when it comes to content marketing, and Rapt Media is a leader in interactive video, so, it only makes sense that these two companies partner to discuss how big brands can build better relationships with customers through valuable video content.

Reaching mobile consumers

Join Forrester Research Senior Analyst Ryan Skinner and Rapt Media CEO and Co-Founder Erika Trautman as they host an upcoming live webinar on how to reach today’s mobile consumers in a world of abundant content and shifting consumer behavior. The hour-long webinar, Reach, Engage, & Convert with Interactive Video, will take place on Wednesday, April 8 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.

Join our live webinar on Wed, April 8 @ 1PM EST and learn…

“Consumers, specifically millennials, are accustomed to being surrounded by an endless amount of data, being in control of what they consume, and choosing how they consume content – whether it’s via mobile, tablet, or desktop,” said Trautman. “This shifting consumer behavior is important to every brand, and we’re looking forward to discussing how they can get and stay ahead of it.”

In this live webinar, viewers will learn: 

  • How to reach and engage millennials like never before
  • How interactive video outperforms traditional video
  • How big brands use interactive video to drive results
  • How to seamlessly integrate video on mobile
  • How Philips engaged millennials in an interactive way

Trautman and Skinner will also discuss how interactive video is the key to adapting to this evolving consumer behavior by giving consumers an engaging, personalized storytelling experience where the viewer is in control.

Download for free

We recently shared Forrester Research’s comprehensive report on the benefits of interactive video (available to download for free for two more weeks!). The stats and figures that came out of the research prove that interactive video can help companies see higher completion rates, engagement, and ROI with their online video content.

Ready to learn more about how interactive video will help you reach, engage, and convert? Click here to register for the webinar.

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