Havas People, AB InBev interactive recruitment video wins top RAD Award

by Jen Bergen |

Like winning an Oscar

Though Hollywood’s biggest night is still a few weeks away, those in the recruitment advertising industry had their Oscars last week. The 25th annual RAD Awards (Recruitment Advertising and Design), which celebrate the very best in recruitment communications and are considered by recruitment marketing professionals to be on par with winning an Oscar, took place January 29 in London.

The judges behind the RAD Awards, who come from prestigious agencies such as TMP Worldwide and Bernard Hodes, look at the world’s best direct recruiters, agencies, and HR professionals and dub the high honor of a RAD Award to those that “produced outstanding recruitment campaigns through innovation, skill and effectiveness.”

Innovation, skill, and effectiveness are the key words here, and they definitely apply to the winners of the “Candidate Interaction (Including Gamification, Competitions)” category: Havas People and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

‘A Taste of AB InBev’ puts candidate in driver's seat

Chosen for its interactive recruitment video campaign called “A Taste of AB InBev,” which is powered by Rapt Media’s interactive video storytelling platform, the campaign is a point-of-view video that allows potential candidates to see first-hand what the culture of the firm is and to see if they are a match. According to Havas, people no longer only care whether a particular role is the right fit for them, they want to know that the company and culture are also a good fit.

The video puts the viewer in the driver seat, challenging them to take charge of an important project that they try complete successfully by selecting the right choices in a series of scenario-based interactions. “Strategic decision making, bring people together, taking ownership; these are all behaviors that define what it means to work at Anheuser-Busch InBev, and they’re all tested during the game,” Havas said on the RAD site. These multiple choice options give the user the power to control the outcome of the story.

“Many tools follow a linear path,” Havas said in its RAD entry. “‘A Taste of AB InBev’ sees decisions that the player makes affects outcomes later on in the game, allowing for a truly realistic experience that mirrors the types of challenges faced by an Anheuser-Busch InBev employee.”

Interactive gamification: engaging, educational, fun 

To keep the viewer engaged, as well as to enable a broader understanding of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the video has 10 in-game hotspots throughout in which the user has a limited time to click before they disappear, adding an element of gamification.

According to Mila Kozomara, Marketing Manager at Havas People, the judges chose the project because it was not only by far the best in the category, but also because the interactive video raises brand awareness, is engaging and educational, and is also a lot of fun.

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