Rapt Media, Aardman take Silver for Best Use of Interactive Video in Lovie Awards

We love wrapping up the month with good news. We’re thrilled to announce that Rapt Media is the recipient of a Lovie Award. The 6th Annual Lovie Awards recognized Rapt Media and its partner Aardman with a silver medal in the category of Best Use of Interactive Video for Dead Lonely – An Interactive Zombie Romance.

The mission of The Lovie Awards is to recognize the unique and resonant nature of the European internet community – from Europeʼs top digital and creative networks and content publishers to cultural and political organizations and individual creators. Now in its sixth year, The Lovie Awards continues to celebrate the most resonant and pertinent stories in Europe. With entries from over 30 countries across the EU, the Awards reflect the tremendous growth of the internet as a tool for business and everyday lives.


Employee Engagement Report: US workers detached, disenchanted (and what to do about it)

Technology—particularly the internet and social media—is invariably changing the way people engage, make decisions and exhibit loyalty. Fragmented content consumption, constant distraction, and consumer control continue to shift the rules on all of us. Not only is this the new reality for brands trying to reach and inspire a connection with consumers, but it’s also the new reality for companies seeking to reach and drive a relationship with their employees.

So what do employees today expect and want in exchange for their attention and loyalty? Given Rapt Media’s focus on enhancing the company-employee connection, we were curious to find out.

We recently surveyed 400 full-time employees of large companies in the U.S. to gather insights and opinions about their current employers, company leadership, training materials, and internal communications. Key findings from the report provide a snapshot of employee engagement in the American workplace:


How scPharmaceuticals used interactive video to create training for a diverse audience

How do you go from a complicated, 80-page instruction manual to an easy-to-navigate, interactive learning experience? The eLearning Guild explains how a major pharmaceutical company did just that in the latest in its series of in-depth case studies profiling strategic HR and learning and development solutions utilizing interactive video, personalization, and storytelling.

Though this case study focuses on innovative uses of interactive video for medical device training, as The eLearning Guild’s director of research Sharon Vipond, Ph.D. points out, its lessons learned extend far beyond the realm of healthcare and medical device training.


How Aon Hewitt uses interactive video to create innovative consumer learning experiences

“The learning and development community is fully awakening to the power of interactive video,” says the eLearning Guild’s director of research, Sharon Vipond, Ph.D. A few months ago, the eLearning Guild approached us to partner on some in-depth case studies. Needless to say, we were psyched! Over the last few months, Vipond has been doing extensive research and interviews to uncover how companies are incorporating interactive video in their learning curricula. The results? Interactive video for learning is a game-changer (not a gimmick).

The proof is in the pudding, as evidenced in the eLearning Guild’s series of in-depth case studies profiling strategic human resources and learning and development solutions utilizing interactive video, personalization, and storytelling. We’re excited to share the first in this case study series, featuring Aon Hewitt, the leading global provider of human resources solutions and outsourcing services.


Why are marketers struggling to prove ROI?

Marketers have a lot on their plates. Not only are they tasked with creating effective and compelling content, but they’re also in charge of managing costs and measuring performance along the way. Today, we’ll explore the latter—specifically, the ongoing struggle to prove ROI.

Our recent survey of 500 marketers revealed:

  • 60% of business marketers say they’re unable to measure ROI on the content they produce
  • 49% are unable to measure content performance across all channels in aggregate


Gimmick or game changer? 3 things you need to know about interactive video

This story was originally published on June 23, 2016 by Learning Solutions Magazine.

A few weeks ago, I was in front of a crowd of learning professionals who face a harsh reality: Their best attempts at employee training and engagement will never be as interesting as “Game of Thrones,” nor as fun as Angry Birds, nor as relevant to me as my Instagram feed. This was not shocking to anyone in the room, but the point was this: In a never-ending battle for employees’ mindshare, we must do better if we’re going to compete with the noise, distraction, and infinite entertainment possibilities made available by today’s technology.

As a speaker at the FocusOn Learning Conference & Expo in Austin, I had the opportunity to talk with training directors, curriculum managers, education specialists, LMS administrators, and every other “doer” that makes the learning industry what it is. On display and under discussion were the newest and most innovative training tools, technologies, and strategies available in the market today. The theme that stood out the most: Using technology in a clever way to accomplish more with less.