USA Network launches FlixMaster-powered 'Covert Affairs' prequel

by Basho Mosko |

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the latest FlixMaster-powered project, an interactive web series from NBC Universal/USA networks – "Sights Unseen," a prequel to the hit series "Covert Affairs." The five-part series kicked off today with its first episode and will provide viewers with a deeper backstory for Chris Gorham’s character Auggie, allowing fans to make critical choices in an original story about his first mission after being blinded.

The web series will run for five concurrent weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to participate in the interactivity! We’re committed to making every video experience participatory and engaging, and "Sights Unseen" exemplifies some of the unique, engaging, and out-of-the-box possibilities that FlixMaster’s platform makes possible. We’re thrilled to be working with such awesome folks! Cheers to #covertaffairs #superfans everywhere!

Watch the first episode now.

Read the Press Release.

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