• Will AIRA fit on my existing doors and windows?
    Absolutely. AIRA retractable door and window screens will fit almost any opening, including: french door pairs, sliding glass doors, in- and out-swing doors.
  • I have a pair of French doors. Do I purchase two screens?
    Yes. In most cases, two screens are necessary to span 48" or more (up to 96")
  • What is the biggest opening a sigle door will cover?
    Maximum covering for a single screen door is 48" wide and 108" high. Wider doors can use two screens and reach up to 96".
  • What is covered by the lifetime guarantee?
    The screen and all other AIRA components are guaranteed to be free of defects for the life of the product. Your AIRA will never wear, jam or rust. The screen mesh is not covered for fraying, tears or other damage caused by abuse.
  • Can AIRA be used on my RV or boat?
    Certainly. Incresingly people are enjoying the advantages of AIRA retractable screen door and window screens on their various pleasure crafts.
  • Do AIRA screens need to be removed in the winter months?
    No. AIRA retractable screen doors are designed to withstand rain or snow. They are manufactured here and desinged to weather our climate.
  • Can AIRA Screen doors lock?
    Yes. Locks are available at no additional charge. The locks are color matched but can only be used if the screen is on the outside of the house.
  • If I tear my screen can it be replaced?
    No problem. We can remove the screen door and replace the damaged screen for a reasonable fee.
  • What if a person or animal run through the screen?
    No problem. We can remove the screen door and replace the damaged screen for a reasonable fee.
  • My Door swings to the outside of the house. Can I have an AIRA retractable screen door?
    Yes. We can mount the screen door on the inside of the house, however, a lock can not be used with this configuration.

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    - Tyson Fritz
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