The conversion results from our Interactive Video activation with Rapt Media certainly exceeded our expectations and resulted in a very noticeable increase in subscriptions. Not only is the platform powerful and simple to use, but the creative and technical support of their team made our move into this new medium fun and successful.
Andrea Scott, Gaiam TV Director of Marketing

Gaiam TV’s Goal

Deliver a premium landing page experience that allows viewers to engage with the content before buying to dramatically increase subscriptions.


The concept

The marketing team at Gaiam TV always knew it had compelling video content for subscribers, but were struggling with a way to leverage that content to drive new subscriptions. Together with the Rapt Media consulting team they devised a head-to-head landing page competition against a standard landing page to see how interactive video would pan out for them.


Success metrics

  • Improved ROI in less than four weeks
  • Doubled the total amount of subscriptions
  • Increased average viewing time by 35 percent
  • Doubled completion rate of first step in shopping cart

Why Rapt Media


Gaiam TV is an online community dedicated to providing transformational media to those seeking a healthier lifestyle. A streaming media service offering unique original programming designed to renew mind, body, and soul, Gaiam TV relies completely on monthly subscriptions to run its business.

In need of a way to bring a more informed consumer through the checkout process, while also increasing conversions, it was necessary that Gaiam TV find a new, more engaging way to not only communicate with its customers and key audiences, but also build a relationship with them.

Online video has been used effectively as a communication tool and has proven its popularity online, and by teaming up with Rapt Media to create an Interactive Video (IV), forward-thinking brand Gaiam TV is leveraging the power of IV to build active relationships – creating two-way engagement with its audience.

With a creative concept, an implementation strategy, monitoring capabilities, and a fully optimized IV, Gaiam saw drastically positive results within the first month.