National Offender Management Service

'Is It in You to Be a Prison Officer?' – Interactive recruitment experience

The interactive video was a massively important part of our strategy and campaign. It was a leading factor that drove an increase in average time on site from 8 seconds to over 8 minutes from an engagement perspective. But even more important, it optimized the client’s ability to hone in on the most valuable candidates from a pool of over 40,000 job applicants…

Richard Craker
Technical Director, Havas People

About Havas People

Havas People is part of the Havas Group, one of the world’s largest advertising and communications networks. The agency specializes in building connections between brands and talent.

About NOMS

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) runs the prison and probation services in both England and Wales. It offers rehabilitation and support services to help stop people from offending again.

The goal

NOMS needed to recruit 1,700 prison officers across 32 locations over 12 months. The issue wasn’t getting people to apply—NOMS was receiving tens of thousands of applications—rather, NOMS’ primary objective was to reduce the number of people applying while at the same time improving the quality of candidates. Working with Havas People, NOMS wanted to build a strong pipeline of suitable candidates while being accountable for its budget and increasing the efficiencies and cost effectiveness of its efforts.

The challenge

NOMS-ChallengeNOMS was receiving tens of thousands of applications for its prison officer position. People were ignoring nearly everything on the website—including important details about the role itself—and going straight for the application form. Swarms of people were making it through the application process and being sent to an in-person assessment course, where many of them would be either be rejected or would drop out, costing NOMS a considerable amount of money.

The recruitment process was long, the roles were misunderstood, and the high dropout rate was creating many inefficiencies.

The solution

NOMS-SolutionRecruitment advertising agency Havas People knew it needed a way to personalize the content experience so that it could find the right candidates who exemplified NOMS’ ideal candidate characteristics, such as empathy, communication skills, resilience, and assertiveness.

As part of a larger creative campaign that focused on the personal traits needed to be a prison officer, Havas People created a powerful, point-of-view interactive video that puts the applicant in the driver’s seat, allowing him or her to role play exercises in dealing with challenging prisoners/offenders.

The results

"It's the best campaign I have seen."

Russell Trent
Prison Governor

  • 83,052 applicants (target 24,950)
  • 1,911 accepted job offers
  • Increased time on site from 8 seconds to 8 minutes
  • Application-to-hire ratio reduced by over 50% (compared to 2014 campaign)
  • Comparative saving of almost £100 per hire (cost-per-hire vs. 2014 campaign)

Why Rapt Media?

Havas People didn’t want users to waste their time applying for a job they’re not right for and wanted to save NOMS’ time by getting a higher caliber of series of applicants. “One of the tools in our arsenal to achieve this is to give viewers a window into the working world before they commit to anything,” said Havas People technical director Richard Craker. “And thus far, Rapt Media’s interactive video technology is the only real mechanism that gives an interactive and immersive experience.”

Having had great success with its interactive recruitment video for AB InBev, Havas People knew an interactive experience was the perfect solution for its NOMS campaign.

“The more interactive you can make a website, the more engaged the users of it will be,” said Craker. “You can drive engagement with great copy or content, but with Rapt Media, where interactive videos have stories that split based on your decision, it adds something extra to the site (and the whole campaign) that a competitor employer wouldn’t have.”

Havas People also wanted the NOMS video to be accessible on mobile devices, including iPhone, and knew Rapt Media had the only solution that would achieve that. Having already worked within the Rapt Media platform, Havas was familiar with the easy-to-use interface.

“I’m looking forward to doing the next one,” said Craker.

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