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Site Pairing™ for Marketing - The #InteractiveEffect

A live demo on how to sync Site Pairing™ with your tabs.


Site Pairing™ is Rapt Media's patent pending technology that creates a link between your video and your website. With Site Pairing and the Rapt Media video authoring platform your creative or content team can quickly and easily build a scalable Interactive Video (IV) framework, enabling a two-way dialogue between your videos and your website.

This demo walks through a few examples of how Site Pairing™ can be integrated with tabs to focus, amplify, and expand upon the content of your IV.


Use tabs to organize your video's information. Notice how the tabs change in sync with each part of the Interactive Video you're watching, and vice versa?

With Site Pairing™, you can select the part of the video you want to watch by simply clicking on a tab. No longer are you limited to just play and pause; you're in control of your own viewing experience - and that's something you won't find with a linear video.


Draw attention to what matters most using CTAs that literally leap out of the video player. Whether it's clicking on a button to go to a blog post, or clicking to open up a form right there in the video, Site Pairing makes it easier for users to follow through with a CTA.

Gone are the days when a relevant CTA gets lost in the mix of a traditional linear video.


Enhance your video with relevant information that follows and changes with what your viewers are watching. Connect with your audience like never before by providing them with more than just a traditional viewing experience.

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You just had to click it, didn't you? But, honestly, who doesn't love a good video of chimpanzees wearing office clothes spinning around a room full of filing cabinets?

We know we do.

How did we build this?

Creating an Interactive Video doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, we made this simple demo - production to final implementation - in just a few hours. Here's how we did it...

Below is a screen capture of how this demo is set up in Rapt Media's Interactive Video Editor. We call the video thumbnails "nodes", and each one represents a specific clip along with all of its respective buttons and Site Pairing events. The dotted paths represent clips that are connected through actions such as clicking a button, a Site Pairing event, or auto-play.

This particular project is relatively simple, consisting of five nodes, each with one choice point that simply connects one video to the next.

What you're looking at below is an image of the first node's "Button Editor". Using the Button Editor's customizable buttons, we created the blue "Click Me" button you see in the video. In the bottom right of that button's options you can see a field called "API event". This is where we give a unique name to the Site Pairing event we'll reference later in order to let the website communicate with the video, and vice versa.

After adding our buttons and Site Pairing events, we published our project and pasted the embed code on our website.

Now for the final step: Site Pairing. In full disclosure, this step is best accomplished by someone who knows a thing or two about coding. That being said, it's relatively simple. Using a snippet of Javascript found in Rapt Media's API Documentation (available to Enterprise Customers only), we copied and pasted the code into the footer of our webpage, adjusted the variables to match up with the API event names we saved earlier, and hit publish. That's it!


And that's the long and short of it! With a little bit of planning, production skills, and coding chops, making cutting-edge Interactive Videos is so easy that even a chimpanzee can do it...