Rapt Media Reimagines User Experience With Redesigned Composer

by Jen Bergen |

Transformation of Rapt Media Composer introduces new features and improved usability

BOULDER, Colo. - May 12, 2016 - Rapt Media today announced a significant upgrade to its platform and user experience with the release of a completely redesigned Composer, available to all users beginning May 12. The redesign incorporates a more modern application architecture while introducing a new project authoring experience that together will provide a faster, easier, and more intuitive workflow for users.

“Interactive video is changing quickly, and the demand for this content is increasing at a rapid pace. We’ve made it a priority to ensure that our technology is outpacing the demand,” said Erika Trautman, CEO and founder of Rapt Media. “The changes we’re unveiling are designed to do exactly that, by making our platform more intuitive for our customers.”

The redesigned Composer will feature a series of significant changes:

  • The Composer’s User Interface includes a new look and layout for a more intuitive workflow. Users will now be able to get from “Project Set Up” to “Publish” to “Analytics” more easily than ever before.
  • The Node Editor has been completely rebuilt to make creating, editing and styling hotspots easier. The editor is now full-screen to make more space for editing and allow more room for the hotspot timeline and future feature additions. And, the editor now autosaves - just like the rest of the platform.
  • The Media Library is more user friendly—it’s now part of the main navigation and accessible anywhere within the Composer. Persistent uploading allows uploads to continue in the background as users work and navigate between projects, saving valuable time.
  • The entire Composer is now built on React.JS, creating a more user-friendly application where page refreshing is a thing of the past. Users will find interactions with the Composer to be more responsive, with faster transitions between tasks while building their interactive projects.

“Our initial goal was a code refactor and performance upgrade, but we soon decided to completely rethink our Composer’s interface. The transformed Composer is going to make work more enjoyable for our users,” said Caleb Hanson, Rapt Media Vice President of Product. “And to help our customers get on board, we’ve created an interactive video to walk through the improvements we’ve made.”

To begin exploring Rapt Media’s new Composer, log into your account, or check out our in depth blog and interactive video demo. Or join Rapt Media on May 17, 2016 for a live online demo and Q&A. Click here to sign up.

Customers with questions or comments about the redesign should email support@raptmedia.com.

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