Unlock the communication skills of your customers and employees

Rapt Media invites you to explore and navigate The Interactive Advantage for eLearning interactive video. Discover how your organization can build immersive, personalized video experiences that foster engagement and improve learning, while producing the back-end data and insights you need for future improvement.

The Interactive Advantage for eLearning interactive video discusses the following:

  • Enhanced Learning: How personalized content can reduce overall time required for training.
  • Accessibility: How to future-proof your business in the face of the demographic shift towards the highly-mobile millennial audience.
  • Analytics: How instructors can modify and optimize curricula by viewing aggregate data that shows where students are struggling or succeeding.
  • Easy Authoring: How simple building an interactive video is with a fully customizable, drag-and-drop authoring tool.
Interactive video is a container for any possible media type that can facilitate learning, including images, audio, 3D interactive objects, and beyond. With interactive video, you can unlock the communication skills of your customers, providing the best medium for learning, training, and coaching.