Site Pairing™

Finally, a true dialogue between a website and its embedded media


Site pairing - E-commerce

From product videos that connect to your e-commerce platform, to brand videos that dynamically load associated products below the video player, Rapt Media’s Site Pairing technology will help turn your e-commerce site into a premium, video driven conversion machine.


Site Pairing - Entertainment

Site Pairing helps premium content producers create more entertaining and engaging video-driven websites faster, cheaper, and smarter. What used to require a sizable tech team and painful maintenance can now be leanly managed with in-house resources. Rapt Media’s Interactive Video platform with Site Pairing eliminates the technical hurdles that are keeping your team from realizing the creative digital experiences you envision.


site pairing - enterprise

Rapt Media’s SaaS authoring platform enables you to easily transform online video communications into viewer driven experiences that dramatically improve engagement and information retention. Our Site Pairing technology allows you to collect user click and view data through your LMS, analytics platform, CRM or MAS. From HR and customer service, to sales training and brand marketing, Rapt Media’s Interactive Video platform with Site Pairing makes creating results-driven video experiences drag-and-drop easy.


Site pairing - agencies

Site Pairing opens up unprecedented creative possibilities for premium, mobile ready campaigns that deliver measurable results for your clients. Pairing Rapt Media’s Interactive Video player with a website enables anything from triggering a form or changing page copy, to transforming the entire look of the site – right from the video player. Each viewer action then transmits customer interaction feedback that can be linked to your analytics platform or other automated system.