Video is the leading form of online and mobile communication

With massive audiences and explosive growth, online video has become a preferred form of communication. But most online videos today reflect an outdated medium where the viewer is a passive recipient of content — and that's not how the web works. Rapt Media's platform brings viewer participation, responsiveness and relevance to video, unlocking the full potential of your online and mobile content.

To complement our technology solutions, our team also provides enterprise services, including platform training, creative consulting, technical consulting and distribution strategies.

Evolve your video

Leading brands understand videos must meet viewers' expectations for a better, richer, more relevant experience. Deliver quality interactive content and you'll be rewarded with high-value viewers that drive your business.

Non-interactive video


Rapt Media



High viewer drop-off

Most viewers quit watching traditional videos in a few short seconds so content goes unwatched.

Rapt Media

Deep engagement and brand awareness

Rapt Media helps you create content that is compelling and valuable to the end viewer. The result: delighted audiences who stay with interactive content 3 to 4 times longer than a traditional online video.



Hard to stand out

While non-interactive videos can be distributed through ad networks and other distribution channels, it is still a challenge to ensure that your viewers can find your content through search.

Rapt Media

Social, mobile and improved SEO

Rapt Media's platform is compatible with your existing distribution strategy, including social and mobile. And our unique player semantics improve search engine optimization by making sure search engines can crawl content buried deep inside your video, so your content finds its viewers with the highest possible frequency.



Limited revenue opportunities

With non-interactive videos, your monetization options are often limited to ever-declining CPMs. And if your goal is to drive a conversion or reduce costs, it's virtually impossible to funnel viewers to a specific call-to-action that will positively impact your business.

Rapt Media

Untapped revenue and cost savings

Rapt Media's flexible suite of functionalities help drive revenue and save costs:

  • Create shop-able videos that increase click-throughs and sales.
  • Place high-value ads inside video experiences that are specifically relevant to viewers.
  • Create cost-savings through improved employee training.
  • Reduce customer support call-in volume.

Create powerful, data-driven interactive videos in mere minutes