Online shopping just got a lot more exciting. Today, luxury accessories company Kara Ross New York is teaming up with Rapt Media to launch a premium online shopping experience as elite as the one in Ross’ brand new standalone boutique.

In conjunction with today’s grand opening of the Madison Avenue store, Ross is working with Rapt Media to give customers around the world the ability to shop the new Petra Collection of Fine Jewelry with one of the world’s first scalable, shoppable video experiences.

Rapt Media’s innovative technology lets the Kara Ross team “tag” any video with a product ID at the specific point at which that product appears onscreen. That tagged product is then dynamically loaded from the e-commerce platform into a carousel below the video player, providing the viewer with a shoppable product history of the items that appear in the video.

Want to buy something from the beginning of the video? Just scroll back to the first slide of the shopping carousel and add it to your cart. The video will pause and wait for you to add the item, resuming when you close the window. It’s really that easy. Check it out here.

“This video driven e-commerce implementation is just the first phase in a larger push to deliver scalable, shoppable, interactive video solutions to online stores around the world,” Erika Trautman, CEO of Rapt Media, said about the Kara Ross launch. “Not only have we developed powerful technology to simplify and scale the shoppable video experience, but we also offer a dynamic team of experts committed to helping with strategy and implementation so that companies can create their own premium shopping experiences online to match their first-class in-store experiences.”

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