How AllianzGI used interactive video, gamified learning to drive more qualified applicants

by Jen Bergen |

What if you could explore a day-in-the-life at a company before even submitting your resume? Allianz Global Investors', a leading financial service provider, interactive game allows for just that. With the goal of successfully managing their funds, the experience awards players points for strategic, well-researched decisions. Players can also lose points for making rushed, uninformed decisions.

In the eLearning Guild's latest in-depth case study, author Sharon Vipond, Ph.D., describes how AllianzGI used storytelling, interactive video, and gamified learning to quickly drive more qualified, engaged applicants.

To confront the challenging misconceptions of the financial services industry, AllianzGI created an immersive experience that revealed the company’s organizational culture, work environment, and onsite facilities more deeply.

“The best way to accomplish our goals is to tell a story,” said Tony White, Head of Learning & Development and Talent Management at AllianzGI. “[To] show that our work environment is fun, exciting, and innovative.”

Interactive video has been shown to increase attention, engagement, satisfaction, and time spent watching. In fact, according to a recent article by the Matrix Blog, “making the learners interact with the video—even through a simple click or drag and drop—increases emotional engagement with the learning material and grows their chances of making the best decisions when confronted with the real world.”

"The tools we were using for attracting new hires and appealing to current employees were based in the past, rather than current day," said White. "Interactive video enabled us to appeal to the millennial generation, and show our tenured employees that we are up to date with technology and open to innovation."

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