WASKULonTECH interviews FlixMaster CEO Erika Trautman


VIDEO: From the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Steve Waskul of WASKULonTECH interviews FlixMaster Co-Founder and CEO Erika Trautman about the future of online video.

Click here for the full video.

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FlixMaster officially announcing module for enterprise video, $1.125 million in funding


There’s a lot of great news coming out for FlixMaster today. First, we’re thrilled to announce our solution for the growing need for more creative uses for video content. Enterprise video technology has, thus far, been primarily focused on video distribution and content management, yet content quality and increased viewer engagement is what is at the forefront of the minds of creative professionals today.

As a result of our great strides to meet that need, we were recently commissioned by HBO to develop an interactive online experience for the newly launched Cinemax series, “Banshee”, that incorporates FlixMaster video technology and makes heavy use of the Player API. The online destination, Banshee Origins, gives audiences an enhanced viewing experience, driven by interaction with the video player itself. This gives them an opportunity to explore the show and interact with its characters and themes.


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FlixMaster Secures $1.125 Million Funding to Expand in Enterprise Video


Company Announces Module for Enterprise, New York-based Golden Seeds Leads Funding Syndicate

Boulder CO, January 23, 2013FlixMaster, the creative platform for Enterprise Online Video, today announced it has secured $1.125 million in additional funding from a syndicate of investors led by New York-based investment firm Golden Seeds.

The company said the investment would be used principally to expand sales and marketing efforts, particularly in the corporate enterprise markets. The company also announced it was launching new industry modules for its video editing and deployment platform designed for online retailing, corporate customer service and media markets.

FlixMaster is addressing the growing need for more creative uses of video by corporations and media properties alike. To date, Enterprise Video technology has been primarily focused on video distribution and content management, but as those technology challenges fade, creative professionals are looking for platforms that improve content quality and increase viewer engagement.

“The promise of Enterprise Video has been high engagement that converts interaction into action,” said Erika Trautman, co-founder and CEO of FlixMaster, a Boulder, CO-based graduate of the prestigious TechStars program. “The problem is, most videos simply transfer a conventional TV-like experience to the web, and even though most viewers go to the video first, they’re gone in a matter of seconds.”

“Brands need to produce interactive video experiences that draw viewers in and keep them there. And companies need to be able to produce those experiences at scale and at a reasonable cost. That’s what FlixMaster offers,” she continued.

FlixMaster has enjoyed success in media markets where creativity and innovation is critical, as producers aim to translate the quality of their broadcast shows into dynamic web experiences. The company was recently engaged by HBO to develop an interactive online experience for the newly launched Cinemax series, “Banshee”, that incorporates FlixMaster video technology and makes heavy use of the Player API. The online destination, Banshee Origins, provides audiences with an enhanced viewing experience, driven through interaction with the video player itself, and gives them an opportunity to explore the show and interact with its characters and themes. Last summer, FlixMaster’s technology powered an acclaimed web experience for the USA Network show, “Covert Affairs.”

That kind of viewer investment is exactly what corporate brands are also seeking and why FlixMaster has seen significant interest from major brands that have grown tired of conventional video and want to increase engagement and leverage video as a broader sales tool.

“About a third of all online retailers, for example, have hundreds and sometimes thousands of videos, some of which are productive, many of which are not,” said Ms. Trautman.  “We’re delivering capabilities like clicking on products in a video and dropping them directly into a shopping cart or launching product specifications right from the video.”

“The trick is to capture a viewers interest and get them to act without forcing them to another page. This is a subtle but fundamental shift in presenting video as an active medium vs. a passive experience,” she said.

Online retailers constitute about 30 percent of FlixMaster’s enterprise overall customers.

About Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds is an investment firm dedicated to delivering above market returns for investors through the empowerment of women entrepreneurs.  Its member angel network, consisting of 240 men and women nationwide, is the fourth largest in the US. Golden Seeds Fund II, an investor in PromoJam, closed in December.

About FlixMaster

FlixMaster is the creative platform for online enterprise video. FlixMaster makes online video an interactive experience, allowing creative professionals to produce content at scale that is highly engaging, converts interaction into action and provides significant ROI.

Based in Boulder, CO and a graduate of the highly acclaimed TechStars program, FlixMaster’s cloud-based technology enhances enterprise videos with the click-through power of other web experiences and creates viewer-engaging and revenue-producing assets for retailers, technology vendors, media companies and other organizations.

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Build your own Interactive Video postcard!


We’re excited to have a lot of new creative folks using the FlixMaster platform to create next-generation, interactive videos, and  we thought it would be fun to offer some assets for creating your first Interactive Video Postcard for the holidays! In this post we’re including all of the video assets you need to create your own simple Interactive Video Postcard like this one and, for those of you who want to take it to the next level there is an Advanced User Content Pack that will give you the flexibility to take this simple project to the next level!


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FlixMaster and Sony offer prosumer access for a limited time

prosumer-acess-Sony Creative Software + FlixMaster

We’re proud to announce that FlixMaster has partnered with Sony Creative Software to offer an exclusive, limited-time discount to Sony Creative Software users interested in taking their online videos to the next level with prosumer access. As the easiest and most powerful platform to create e-commerce, entertainment, and e-learning projects, FlixMaster adds a world of opportunity to Sony Creative Software users, and at the amazing price of $19.95/month there is no longer any reason not to take advantage. It’s also FREE to build and publish with up to 250 “video plays” so anyone and everyone can take a spin.  Check out the FlixMaster partner page on Sony Creative Software’s site here.


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