5 reasons why interactive content is king


Interactive content is king, and here’s why…

1. Entertainment
Lights, cameras, action! FlixMaster uses HTML5 to create branching narratives and options that keep viewers interested, laughing, listening, and learning. Our interface is simple and user friendly. You build the story using our straightforward, three step template and we handle the code to power the whole adventure. We’re generous like that because we like to code.

2. Engagement
“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” - Robert McKee

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series? We do. Regardless of how old you were at the height of these books’ popularity, a timeless concept remains: giving readers (or in this case, viewers) choices keeps them engaged. Users are far less likely to stop an experience that they are controlling. Being in the driver’s seat is universally fun at any age.


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FlixMaster presentation of interactive video platform at Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Did you miss FlixMaster Co-Founder Erika’s presentation at Fortune Magazine’s 2012 Brainstorm Tech Conference? Don’t worry, you can still experience the magic of a FlixMaster presentation of interactive video platform right from your own computer! Click the image above to watch our chief hustler presenting last month in Aspen.

Brainstorm TECH Demo - Flixmaster from Fortune Conferences and Fortune Conferences on FORA.tv

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The future Is Interactive Video: ‘A Commotion’ by Feistodon

Select the image above to open a new window and view the collaboration.

Musicians Feist and Mastodon recently collaborated on a split of their music, titled Feistodon. The video for the song “A Commotion,” was built in HTML5 and viewers have the option of toggling between the voices of the two singers. Drag the bar to the far left to hear only the melodies of Canadian songstress Feist and to the far right to hear the harsher vocals of grizzly, metal Mastodon. Rest it somewhere in the middle to hear the harmonies magically compliment one another in sharp contrast.

The interactive music video took the internet by storm, making immediate appearances everywhere from independent music blogs to RollingStone and 5,000 copies of the 7″ sold out in record time.


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From Fortune Tech Conference to public launch: a busy month for FlixMaster Interactive Video

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for us here at the FlixMaster Interactive Video HQ in Boulder, Colorado as we’ve been hustling at events, launching new projects, partnering up with some great channels and communities, and debuting our new pricing model. We’re excited to keep the ball rolling as we round out the summer and transition into the fall - exciting projects and partnerships are coming soon to a FlixMaster player near you!

For our friends who like to fall off the grid on occasion (Bart Lorang, we’re looking at you!), here is a recap of some of the things we’ve been up to:


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FlixMaster Launches the Future of Interactive Online Video at Fortune Brainstorm: TECH

FlixMaster Launches the Future of Interactive Online Video at Fortune Brainstorm:  TECH

First-ever Truly Comprehensive Production Platform Now Offers Free Accounts for All Users

ASPEN, Colo (Fortune Brainstorm: TECH)– July 17, 2012–FlixMaster (www.flixmaster.com), the first user-driven online video platform that radically changes the video experience for producers and viewers alike, made its public launch today at the Fortune Brainstorm: TECH conference, demonstrating its game-changing technology and announcing a “freemium” service that allows anyone to use FlixMaster at no cost. The applications for the FlixMaster platform are nearly infinite, spanning from individual to commercial uses — all made more compelling and engaging by FlixMaster’s unique ability to make video non-linear, participatory and social.  The FlixMaster platform has already been adopted by USA Network for an interactive online video prequel created for the network’s hit TV series Covert Affairs. FlixMaster is the only interactive editing platform that combines the following features to offer an end-to-end video creation experience: (more…)

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