Do you have what hiring managers want? Find out in CAEL, Chase's interactive recruitment experience

by Jen Bergen |

Ever wished you had an "undo button" at work? Chances are you've done something you later wish you would've done differently. We've all been there. While time travel is unfortunately impossible in real life, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s new interactive recruitment experience gives users the opportunity to do just that.

In the experience, aptly titled "The Undo Button," users see what a day in the life of a financial services employee might look like, making decisions to help our main character Dwayne get through his first day on the job. Choose a wrong option and you get to hit the "undo button" and make a better choice for poor Dwayne. Don't sweat it too much, though; you won't find any "Wolf of Wall Street" scenarios here.

Transforming recruitment in the financial services industry

"The Undo Button" experience is part of, an interactive career exploration website created by CAEL and JPMorgan Chase that connects New Yorkers to middle skills financial services jobs (those that need more education and training than a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree).

“The financial services industry is thriving, giving those just entering the workforce a perfect opportunity to start their careers,” CAEL CEO and President Pamela Tate said in a press release. “ will open the door to a number of rewarding career opportunities that are suited to a diverse range of education backgrounds and career aspirations…"

CAEL created its Rapt Media-powered interactive experience with the goal of attracting, engaging, and captivating potential candidates interested in a financial services career, enticing them to take the actions to get started down that path.

Though CAEL wanted a transformative solution and knew that doing something with video was a given, the company knew traditional, long-form video wouldn't work for its demographc made up largely of millennials primed for entry-level positions in financial services.

"One of the defining characteristics of the millennial generation is their affinity with the digital world," PwC reported in its "Millennials at Work: Reshaping the Workplace" study. And considering that millennials will form 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020, according to the same study, it's crucial to create content that appeals to this audience now.

CAEL needed a tech-forward way to capture and keep this millennial audience's attention—a solution that would attract and engage this tech-savvy demographic who's used to touching, swiping, and tapping—and motivate them to take action, increasing the volume and quality of candidates.

The choices made are not only useful to the user in terms of gaining information about a typical day in the financial services industry, but those choices are also helpful to the company, which can see candidates' choices and compare their answers to their culture and the skills required for the open position to determine if the candidate is a good fit.

Using interactive video to attract top talent

Using Rapt Media’s solution, CAEL built an interactive video experience that evaluates potential candidates' personality and skill set through a series of choices made by the user.

In the experience, as mentioned above, users help the main character, Dwayne, get through his first day working in the financial services industry. After all, he wants to make a good first impression and set himself up for a lasting career. Assisting with decisions like what to wear, how to handle a last-minute request from an exec, and how best to present data in an important meeting are all part of the experience.

If a user makes the wrong choice, for example dressing Dwayne in a flashy suit versus a business suit, they can hit the "undo button" and go back to do the right thing. Hint: wearing a flashy suit on Day 1 of the job in the financial services industry will earn you some sideways glances.

Once users correctly answer all the questions, they can click on a call to action, which directs them back to to search and apply for jobs.

The win-win

This is a win-win for both the candidate and the company. The candidate gets to see if they're a good fit and if this is an industry they'd like to work. The company, on the other hand, was not only able to use the interactive experience as a vehicle to more effectively engage its customers but by using Rapt Media analytics, it also gets to quickly and easily see if candidates are picking the correct answers and if they're a good fit.

Explore the video below.

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