ClickZ: Spotlight On Rapt Media, CEO Erika Trautman says video targeting is not enough [Interactive Video]


In an article published to by yesterday, author Liva Judic speaks with Rapt Media CEO Erika Trautman about why video targeting is not enough for advertising, and how building interactivity into ads is the solution.

Trautman explains in a video accompanying the article that smart brands and marketers know they need to create video content since it’s the No. 1 way that people are getting information about brands and products, and that with the rise in tablets and smartphones, brands and marketers need to meet viewers where they are most, which is in a much more interactive and lean-forward medium. Doing this provides an added value to their customers.

“[Brands and marketers are] making the video experience more relevant, richer, more useful to those customers, and the result is those are higher value viewers,” Trautman says in the video.”Those are people who are much more likely to become customers, much more likely to become sales qualified leads, and much more likely to actually affect the bottom line.”

Read the full article on, and check out the video below to see what Erika has to say about the video advertising space and Rapt Media’s experience in it, as well as Erika’s views on targeting and how it’s just not enough for video advertising.

Interactive Version

Original Version

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Video via ClickZ

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