FlixMaster officially announcing module for enterprise video, $1.125 million in funding


There’s a lot of great news coming out for FlixMaster today. First, we’re thrilled to announce our solution for the growing need for more creative uses for video content. Enterprise video technology has, thus far, been primarily focused on video distribution and content management, yet content quality and increased viewer engagement is what is at the forefront of the minds of creative professionals today.

As a result of our great strides to meet that need, we were recently commissioned by HBO to develop an interactive online experience for the newly launched Cinemax series, “Banshee”, that incorporates FlixMaster video technology and makes heavy use of the Player API. The online destination, Banshee Origins, gives audiences an enhanced viewing experience, driven by interaction with the video player itself. This gives them an opportunity to explore the show and interact with its characters and themes.

This partnership follows our recent work with the USA Network show, “Covert Affairs”, where our technology was the driving force behind a new and acclaimed web experience. This is the very kind of viewer engagement that corporate brands are also seeking, and it’s why FlixMaster has seen significant interest from major brands that are tired of conventional video, brands that want to increase engagement and leverage online video as a broader sales or business driver.

Here’s what Erika Trautman, our CEO and Co-Founder, had to say about the news:

“The promise of Enterprise Video has been high engagement that converts interaction into action. The problem is, most videos simply transfer a conventional TV-like experience to the web, and even though most viewers go to the video first, they’re gone in a matter of seconds. Brands need to produce interactive video experiences that draw viewers in and keep them there. And companies need to be producing those experiences at scale and at a reasonable cost. That’s what FlixMaster offers.”

Second, we are excited to announce the launch of new industry modules for our innovative video editing and deployment platform, specifically designed for online retailing, corporate customer service, and media markets. Online retailers currently make up about 30% of FlixMaster’s overall enterprise customers, and we are thrilled to be expanding our offering to further meet the needs of this unique and growing market.

Finally, FlixMaster is announcing today that we have secured $1.125 million in additional funding from a syndicate of investors, led by New York-based investment firm Golden Seeds. We are looking forward to the developments that this investment will lead to, and are committed to continuing our efforts to turn out services and technology that change the way companies interact with their audience through video.

This is an exciting time for us, and we hope that you will keep checking back with us here so that we can keep you updated on the latest from the FlixMaster team. You can also follow us on Twitter @FlixMaster.

Here’s to making waves in the world of online video.  Thanks for your support!

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