FlixMaster presenting at Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference

Today, a collection of the world’s top thinkers in the online tech, media, and social worlds come together in “ideal – and idyllic” Aspen Colorado for Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm Tech Conference. The event promotes itself as “where innovators meet the next generation of leaders to shape the future of business” and we’re thrilled that our fearless founder and CEO Erika Trautman is there representing FlixMaster.

Tomorrow she will be giving a product demo and making a pretty exciting announcement.  The discussions taking place at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference cover everything from the future of entertainment to the state of the tech IPO, and we’re excited to jump in on these conversations.

In particular, we’d like to share our thoughts on the topic of “Education Innovation” that will be discussed at one of the “Special Sessions” on Tuesday afternoon.

Participants in this discussion include DimensionUCourseraInkling, and an individual from the US Department of Education. We here at FlixMaster are passionate about innovation in the education sphere because we believe that as the world and web evolve, our teaching methods and environments should as well. Online education is improving every day as online course offerings at major colleges and universities are becoming commonplace.  When more people have better access to high quality education, the baseline for what is good enough drastically increases.

One way that we feel e-learning falls short, however, is when it comes to incorporating interactivity and personalization into online courses. Not every student learns in the same way – some are visual learners, others learn from doing themselves, and some need their courses to be participatory instead of idle. It’s these differences in learning styles that leave some students in the dust while others race ahead, and this division is why we believe interactive video could be a great asset for both educators and students.

 Any form of interactivity results in increased engagement and higher retention rates, but with interactive video educators can capture the attention of visual, audio, and active learners. The ability to reach every student in an online space will enable e-learning to bolster the traditional classroom experience, motivating every educational institution to adopt interactive online video training.

“Education Innovation” is just one of the topics being covered at this week’s event, and we’re honored to be a part of the Fortune conference and all those speaking and participating this week.  We can’t wait to hear the great insights from some of the country’s top innovators!

If you can’t make the event in aspen, make sure to watch Erika’s demo live via Fortune’s “Virtual Conference”. Register now and add Tuesday’s “Brainstorm Tech Demo” at 10:15 am (MST) to your agenda

Brainstorm Tech: Website - Agenda - Speakers (Erika is in great company, don’t you think?)

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