Find your holiday cookie inspiration in Rapt Media’s interactive baking video


Have you decided what type of cookie you will bring to your company party or family gathering this holiday season? If the answer is no, you’re in luck. You can find your cookie inspiration with our Interactive Baking Experience.

This time last year, we launched our first episode of “Baking with Jonathan,” an interactive baking experience hosted by our VP of Engineering, Jonathan Woodard. We had so much fun creating it, that we decided to come back for Year 2. Though Jonathan loved making his mom’s bourbon pecan pie last year, he’s a sucker for cookies (no, not the browser session data kind of cookies), so we decided to bake three different types of holiday cookies – Linzer, Thumbprint, and Classic Cutout – and let you decide which cookie Jonathan makes.

Kitchen novice? No problem

Whether you’re a master baker or a novice in the kitchen, we’ve found a fantastic cookie recipe for your holiday baking. Our interactive video platform enables users to make the choices that they want to make, so we carried that over to baking. Not only do you get to choose the type of cookie, we also found a gluten-free dough that works with all three cookie types as well.

Baking + interactive video = smart cookies

In addition to your dough and cookie type, there are more choice points along the way. And while an interactive baking video is fun and entertaining, we wanted to take it a step further and use Rapt Media’s Site Pairing technology and marketing automation integration to dig deeper about our viewers’ choices.

As the viewer makes selections throughout the video, our technology is recording these clicks and importing them to our marketing automation system, HubSpot. Stay tuned for our tutorial video on how exactly we can tell that you picked Dough A, Cookie B, and Apron C.

Show us your cookies!

We had a blast shooting our second season of “Baking with Jonathan,” and we think you’ll enjoy this techie take on a traditional baking video that’s chock full of nerdy engineer jokes. Ready to bake some cookies? Show us which cookie you chose by tweeting a photo at @RaptMedia with the hashtag #BWJ.

Also, stay tuned for the Making Of “Baking with Jonathan,” to see how we created this interactive video.

Happy Holidays from Rapt Media!

Thanks to the awesome baking blog SprinkleBakes for the recipe inspiration.

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