Interactive webinar: Accelerating the buyer's journey with interactive video

by Jen Bergen |

It’s not enough to have a good looking website. Providing digital product experiences that attract attention and forge emotional connections are critical. Experiences that help the consumer by being informative, educational, and inspirational is proven to accelerate the buying cycle and increase loyalty dramatically over time.

This was the topic of our recent webinar with Invodo, "Accelerating the Buyer's Journey With Interactive Video." In it, we explored the growth of video in commerce, the buyer's journey and the role of video, video going interactive, choosing the right interactive video applications, and next steps for getting started.

If you missed the webinar, never fear! We transformed the recording into an interactive video experience, making it easy to explore the information that's most applicable and interesting to you.

We've seen a tremendous amount of video being employed in commerce, both online and offline, in all different stages of the buyer's journey. Check out the interactive webinar to learn about how video is being used at different points of the buyer's journey. Then, learn how companies are using interactive video to empower consumers with choice and how that's shortening the sales cycle and creating a better customer experience.

Not sure if interactive video is right for your consumer experience? We talk with Invodo about the types of applications interactive video is best suited for, including product launches, product tutorials, product selector, and shoppable video.

Check out the interactive webinar to get the tools you need to build an interactive consumer experience that can start delivering real results.

In this interactive webinar, you'll learn:

  • How video is integrating with e-commerce
  • How to accelerate the buyer's journey
  • 4 use cases for interactive e-commerce experiences

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