How PwC is driving internal digital awareness with interactive video

by Jen Bergen |

Generating excitement with interactive video

The eLearning Guild recently talked with professional services firm PwC to discover how the company used interactive video to support a learning and marketing program aimed at generating excitement and awareness around the ways its digital capabilities positively impact the world.

"With a large tech-savvy and client-focused population, we must provide learning that is engaging and modular," Matthew Murray, Digital Learning Leader for PwC's U.S. Learning and Development Group, told The eLearning Guild. "Our staff expects learning to be high quality and comparable to what they see in their daily life."

In the eLearning Guild's latest in-depth case study, author Sharon Vipond, Ph.D., shares how PwC leveraged its substantial experience with linear learning videos to launch its first interactive video initiative successfully, "Digital Awareness."

Demonstrating digital leadership

PwC also had the need to evolve to meet the changing needs of its clients and the job requirements of the emerging global workforce. To go after the best and brightest talent, PwC knows it must transform the communication channels used to attract and retain high-quality talent. The world is now digital, and employers are facing the reality of recruiting a workforce that has deep familiarity with technology and responds best to employers who demonstrate digital relevance.

"We need to provide greater awareness of PwC’s breadth of services and digital capabilities so that our staff can have stronger conversations with clients," Murray said. "In order to attract and retain top talent we have to demonstrate that PwC is digitally advanced and is providing learning in a forward-thinking way."

Combining character-driven stories with interactive features

Using interactive video enabled PwC's team to create character-driven stories that invite people to connect and relate to the videos, and then use their interactive features to dive deeper into PwC’s digital services and capabilities through the use of visual "hotspots," also known as choice points.

Each character has a storyline that demonstrates how emerging technologies and digital platforms are impacting their world and creating opportunities that previously did not exist. A voiceover narration provides additional insights into the on-screen action and a bigger picture view of the transforming digital landscape.

The PwC team wanted "Digital Awareness" to be an expandable learning platform that they could continue to enhance. PwC was able to design its solution to keep the video's choice points current, allowing the team to update the experience every three months with the latest firm information and learning content.

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