How scPharmaceuticals used interactive video to create training for a diverse audience

by Jen Bergen |

How do you go from a complicated, 80-page instruction manual to an easy-to-navigate, interactive learning experience? The eLearning Guild explains how a major pharmaceutical company did just that in the latest in its series of in-depth case studies profiling strategic HR and learning and development solutions utilizing interactive video, personalization, and storytelling.

Though this case study focuses on innovative uses of interactive video for medical device training, as The eLearning Guild's director of research Sharon Vipond, Ph.D. points out, its lessons learned extend far beyond the realm of healthcare and medical device training.

In the case study, Vipond uncovers how scPharmaceuticals successfully overcame considerable learning challenges and created an interactive video solution for users of its new medical device—a diverse audience made up of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

"If the scPharmaceuticals team was initially hesitant about being 'pioneers' within their industry by using interactive video for training, they now firmly believe that interactive video is 'impossible to beat for this type of training,'" Vipond explains in the case study.

Get the case study to learn how scPharmaceuticals used interactive video to:

  • Maintain its audience's attention for longer periods than typical training videos
  • Facilitate discovery, promote learning, and increase information retention
  • Increase engagement through emotional connection with the learning material
  • Offer viewers a way to go back and “discover” additional pieces of the training
  • Enable its team to adapt training to individual audiences

Download the eLearning Guild case study to learn more about how scPharmaceuticals created an interactive video experience that achieved a high level of learner engagement in terms of completion rates, number of interactions, and time viewed.

Employee Engagement Report

Employee Engagement Report