Recruit, retain, educate, and inspire with the interactive advantage for talent management

by Jen Bergen |

As the digital evolution continues, companies in a variety of industries are seeking creative and new ways to engage talent at each stage of the employee lifecycle. Increased mobile connectivity and the growth of social media has changed the way businesses communicate with their modern workforce, creating unique opportunities to influence, educate, and inspire.

Whether it’s recruiting new talent, educating employees, or communicating with a global leadership team, it all circles back to the company story. Interactive video takes engagement to the next level by enabling elements of storytelling and gamification to drive desired outcomes.

The interactive advantage, as we like to call it, is critical to effectively communicating with today’s evolving, digitally-savvy workforce because it provides an authentic way to truly connect with talent for recruitment, training, and professional development.

We created an interactive video to help us explain how new content technology can help you engage your audience by empowering them with choice. In "The Interactive Advantage for Talent Management" video, you'll learn how interactive video can...

  • Drive deeper engagement: Interactivity increases the amount of time employees and recruits spend with content by providing choice and discovery within the content itself.
  • Prioritize personalization: The power of choice through self-selection invites viewers to click, explore, navigate and discover company stories in a way that appeals to their unique interests and behaviors.
  • Collect audience insights: Data collected from engagement interactions provides insight on what is resonating in the content itself, enabling companies to optimize the experience and continuously improve talent management efforts.
  • Drive desired behavior: Clear CTAs within the video make it easy for recruits and employees to take desired actions, such as submitting a resume or signing up for a 401K.

By utilizing new content technology, human resource and talent management professionals can better engage employees through personalized interactions that help bring a company’s story to life.

From recruitment to retention, discover how to drive deeper, more meaningful engagement with employees by watching Rapt Media’s interactive video. Click here to explore the interactive video and download "The Interactive Advantage for Talent Management" PDF.

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