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About us

Rapt Media is a 2011 TechStars company based in the "mini Silicon Valley" that is Boulder, Colorado. Our cloud-based interactive video platform enables brands and strategic solution providers to transform video content into response-provoking experiences. Our technology offers the ultimate in consumer control which drives deeper engagement, learning, and desired behaviors. Each interaction generates useful customer or product insights.

Our vision

Rapt Media is changing the way modern companies educate and inspire action in their customers and employees through highly relevant, response-provoking interactive video experiences. We are leaving one-size-fits-all video behind to advance how businesses engage, educate, and drive behavior.

Our customers

Join the builders of the next generation digital ecosystem

Rapt Media customers include a who’s who of leading solution providers and brands, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, Deloitte, Havas People, Philips, Toyota, Symphony Talent, and Samsung, among others. These innovators have taken the step to successfully transform their communication, learning, and customer experience strategies with our technology.

Our executive team

  • Erika Trautman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Cameron McCaddon
    Co-Founder and COO
  • Caleb Hanson
    Vice President Product
  • Greg Adamietz
    Vice President Sales & Partnerships
  • Jennifer Burak
    Vice President Marketing
  • Nat Stark
    Vice President Finance

Board members

Bart Lorang
Peter Roshko
Tracey Riese
Mark Perlstein
Tim O'Neill

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