Full Stack Engineer


We're looking for a talented mid- or senior-level engineer with several years of experience in a full-stack web framework, preferably Rails. We need someone who can dig in on React, so experience there is a plus, but relevant experience with other libraries could work. The ideal candidate takes a stand on software design, has opinions about code and isn’t afraid to speak up. Our development team is tightly integrated with our product team, so the right person understands how the forest impacts the trees when building a software application and wants to be involved in the product design process.

The job

You build the products and manage the technologies that make the company’s offerings compelling. You will work within the engineering team in a very flat and open organization. This position will be based out of our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

About you

  • Web applications and their modern development tools are your bread and butter
  • You have opinions on good software design and aren’t afraid to speak up to help the team come to the best conclusion
  • You can write an entire web application and manage its production environment on your own
  • You are adept at writing effective unit tests, system tests and regression tests
  • You take an active role in the success of the rest of the engineering team
  • You insist on the ‘why’ in addition to the ‘what’. You foresee higher level problems with a project before it even starts
  • You are skilled at estimating engineering efforts and delivering on-time
  • You are extremely adept at troubleshooting and fixing hard bugs
  • You know what corners can be cut and what corners should never be cut
  • You know how to use your time and resources effectively
  • You are aware of and sensitive to information security


  • Deep technical knowledge of a number of web technologies and strong awareness of the rest
  • Expert-level software engineering and coding skills with 7+ years experience in software engineering
  • Experience developing software at the enterprise-grade level
  • Excellent debugging skills
  • Experience with agile development process, deploying weekly or biweekly
  • A passion for creative, web-based products
  • Great communication skills — able clearly express technical concepts

About us

Rapt Media is a group of smart, talented and driven people working to change online video forever. We provide the best technology to the people who provide the best videos to businesses all over the world. We serve enterprise customers, agencies, brands and entertainment companies, and we’re looking for someone who wants to get on board. We graduated from TechStars in 2011 and we’ve worked hard to maintain the culture of a startup even as we scale. We have a flexible schedule and we offer competitive compensation, including equity and a solid benefits package.

Contact: jobs@raptmedia.com