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‘The Undo Button‘ – Interactive video recruitment experience

How CAEL and JPMorgan Chase & Co. reimagined their recruitment experience to attract top talent

The goal

Through a grant from the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) teamed up with over 150 partners to mediate the skills gap in NYC’s Financial Services industry. CAEL's partners include employer, education and training, workforce, and community-based organizations.

The company was looking to transform the industries’ recruitment efforts for its financial services partners. The goal? Find an innovative way to attract and engage top students and talent to the financial services industry while enticing them to take the actions to get started down that path.

The challenge

CAEL wanted a transformative solution that would engage and captivate potential candidates interested in a financial services career and have them go deeper. CAEL knew video was a given but that traditional, long-form video wouldn't work for this demographic made up largely of millennials primed for entry-level positions in financial services.

The company needed a tech-forward way to capture and keep this audience's attention, motivating them to take action to increase both the volume and quality of applicants and candidates. Reaching its target audience through mobile devices was also a key requirement.

The solution

Using Rapt Media’s platform and services, CAEL built an interactive video experience that evaluates potential candidates' personality and skill set through a series of choices made by the user, ultimately directing them to a partner website to search and apply for jobs.

In the experience, individuals help the main character, Dwayne, get through his workday. Assisting Dwayne with what to wear, how to handle a last-minute request from an executive, and how best to present numbers and data in an important meeting are all part of the user experience.

Once the individual correctly answers all the questions, he or she can click on a call to action to find out what job is right for them. This links out to, which is a career exploration and matching site.

CAEL's partners—JPMorgan Chase, New York City Employment and Training Coalition, and the NYC Office of Workforce Development—are also showcased at the end of the experience.

The marketing and promotion of the experience are multi-channel. In addition to email and social media channels, the plan for driving awareness includes bus shelter advertising, LinkNYC WiFi and charging stations and built-in kiosks at the companies listed above. However, CAEL's primary channel focus for getting its main target audience to the experience is through the counselors, advisors, and recruiters sharing it directly.

Rapt Media's interactive video technology also allowed CAEL to play seamlessly on mobile devices. CAEL was able to use the interactive experience as a vehicle to more effectively engage its customers.

About Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

The leader in linking learning and work, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) pursues work at all levels within the public and private sectors to enhance learning opportunities for adults around the world.

The mission of CAEL is to remove barriers to lifelong learning for adults, identify and disseminate innovative and effective practices, and deliver services that touch the lives of adults. CAEL works with all of the stakeholders in lifelong learning including educational institutions, employers, labor organizations, government, and communities.

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