Scenario-based interactive video learning experiences

From learning job search skills to family caregiving advice to staying safe online, AARP's series of interactive video experiences were created to "help you get it right the first time."

For example, can you sell yourself to a potential employer in the time it takes to ride an elevator? How about taking the awkwardness out of the conversation when you’re helping a loved one plan for the future? AARP’s new interactive video experiences put you in the middle of the story. With the push of a button, you can decide how to navigate these situations.

Creating an Elevator Pitch

You’ve just bumped into John—an old colleague—while you’re waiting for a flight at the airport. His company is expanding, and they may have career opportunities. What’s even better, his boss is traveling with him. What do you say?

Starting a Family Caregiving Conversation

It’s smart to plan ahead, but talking about a loved ones' wishes for the future can be awkward! Mom’s not afraid to take you over her knee if you ask the wrong questions. How do you start a family caregiving conversation?

Interviewing: The Four Toughest Questions

What’s with that gap in your work history? Why do you want to leave the job you already have, especially if you’re overqualified for this job? And just how much do you want to be paid to work here? Don’t let these four questions crash your job interview.

You’ve Been Hacked

Next time you get a cup of joe, you might get a side order of evil twin or a sniffer. They’re scammers lurking around public Wi-Fi networks in places like coffee shops. Turn your head for a minute, and you might get hacked!

Why interactive

AARP's goal is to bring education, awareness, and interaction to local communities for people over 50—both in-person and online. AARP's e-programs team saw interactive video as a major trend in 2016 and wanted to show up online in a way that was different from e-learning methods of yore, which often tend to be long, involved, and typically not a lot of fun. Partnering with Rapt Media, AARP was able to do just that by creating navigable, interactive experiences that are entertaining and educational.

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