Pitney Bowes EngageOne® Video

Pitney Bowes' EngageOne Video offers enterprise companies personalized, navigable, interactive video experiences by giving customers the power to control and consume only the information they find meaningful. With personalized, interactive video, companies are driving digitally-innovative first impressions, deeper engagement, increased product understanding, and desired online transactional behaviors that bring efficiencies. Check out the demos below.

Checking account onboarding

See how banks are encouraging customers to increase their use of mobile banking, manage their accounts online, and sign up for additional services such as online bill pay.

Auto insurance onboarding

See how insurance companies are making it easy for customers to sign up for applicable discounts and enroll in additional coverage options, and utilize time- and money-saving account management tools.

Credit card onboarding

See how banks and credit card companies are increasing customer credit card activation and usage by learning about card benefits while driving adoption of the digital tools that save them time and money.

Why interactive?

The onboarding stage of the customer journey is an important one, providing the opportunity to deliver a powerful first impression. The impact of video is proven to increase customer understanding of a product or service by as much as 74 percent. But video alone is not enough.

Rapt Media and Pitney Bowes recently partnered to expedite time to value for interactive experiences. Read more about our partnership here.

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