'Martini Racing Formula One Italian Grand Prix'– Gamified interactive brand experience

Martini Racing’s Goal – Interactive Video Powering Game-Like Contest

Martini, working with creative agency Mr. President, created a unique online experience in advance of the Formula One™ Italian Grand Prix where visitors can play and compete for a chance to win a trip to the race as Martini converts and engages users.

The concept

Martini, working with London-based creative agency Mr. President, used Rapt Media’s patent pending Site Pairing technology to power the interactive contest portion of its campaign for the Formula One™ Italian Grand Prix. In a game of agility, viewers are prompted to click the start button to launch the Martini Racing Formula One car, and then clink as many martini glasses as possible during the race’s after party. To enter to win a trip to the Italian Grand Prix, users then submit their contact info, which is collected in the background by Martini’s marketing automation system.

Success metrics

  • Rapt Media's scalable interface allowed Martini Racing to create multiple project versions quickly and easily, launching in 14 countries and 15 languages.
  • The IV’s unique game-like experience incentivized viewers to share contact information, allowing Martini to deftly gather viewer information into its marketing automation system.
  • More than 90 percent of users who started the video completed it to the end, improving completion rate by 29 percent above industry average.

Why Rapt Media?

Martini needed a solution that would work across all devices and would be easy to update for a number of different languages. Initially launching in 14 countries and in 15 languages, Martini, working with London-based creative agency Mr. President, needed a scalable way to produce a premium brand-engagement video.

Because Mr. President knew it would be creating multiple versions, the team was eager to find a solution that would minimize the authoring work. Rapt Media’s editing platform made it simple to duplicate the work into multiple languages. Mr. President also needed a way to track all of the viewer’s information in its marketing automation system, and Rapt Media’s Site Pairing technology allowed for that to happen behind the scenes without distracting the video’s viewers.