'Designed to Play – Year 2' – Interactive product education experience

Engaging and interacting with consumers is paramount when it comes to video, and a big component of this interactivity is meeting the demands of an increasingly mobile consumer. Rapt Media has made it possible for us to share product features with our customers in a completely new way.

Willem Schungel
Global Digital Manager, Philips Consumer Lifestyle

About Philips

Philips is a diversified health and well-being company focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Health care, Consumer Lifestyle, and Lighting.

About Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather is one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world. Ogilvy & Mather services Fortune Global 500 companies as well as local businesses through its network of more than 500 offices in 126 countries.

The goal

When Philips launched the new Click and Style, a three-in-one electric grooming tool, its objectives were clear: Philips wanted to bring young men into the electric franchise and, by doing so, accelerate its electric male grooming markets. Philips wanted to communicate the product proposition “One click, endless possibilities” and engage young men based on this idea. It also wanted to sell 42,000 units within the first six months just in France, Netherlands and Germany.

The challenge

In 2013, Philips realized it had a problem: hipsters. The trendsetting demographic was telling men that being clean-shaven was no longer cool. Philips needed to break down conventions within the grooming category around unrealistic perfection. These messages were not only slowing down the growth of Philips’ established male grooming markets, they were also preventing younger consumers from even considering electric shaving and grooming. To reverse this decline, Philips launched the Click and Style. Now, the challenge was reaching this young, tech-savvy audience on mobile devices.

The solution

Under the motto “One click, endless possibilities,” Philips created “Designed to Play,” the world’s first fully mobile-enabled interactive video experience where viewers guided the video’s hero through a seemingly endless number of possibilities. The viewer helps our hero decide how to style his facial hair for a night of partying, and then helps him remember what happened the night before.

In the first year of Philips’ campaign, users were able to create up to 625 differents stories. The starting point for these stories was five different shaving styles. In the second year, Phillips added a sixth style, allowing for 1,296 possible story combinations. By switching between six characters, users see a number of versions of what happened the night before.

“We wanted to liberate this group from cultural tension and bring playfulness into young men’s grooming habits,” Thorsten Ruehlemann, worldwide managing partner, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Düsseldorf, told Adweek. We wanted to show you can easily change your style, your image, and your look.”

The results

Through interactive digital storytelling, young men were introduced to a new, multifunctional electric grooming product in a way that captures their attention and imagination. Philips was blown away by the results. The interactive video experience engaged the target audience approximately three times longer than is typical for a high-quality video of equal length.

In just the first year, the project received millions of views—more than doubling what was originally planned—which represented an earned media growth of 153 percent. And in just the first six months of the campaign, Philips was able to accelerate the growth in the electric male grooming markets compared with markets that didn’t run the campaign. In the same six months, sales were 16 percent better than planned.

  • 16% more razors sold as direct result of the campaign
  • 6% increase of purchase consideration
  • 3 to 4 interactions per viewer
  • 4+ minutes average of mobile viewing time
  • 65% of viewers interacted on iPhone or Android devices

This was our first campaign targeted at a young male audience who do not have electrical grooming on their radar. With this interactive video concept we were able to introduce young guys to our new multi-functional grooming product in a way that captured their attention and we also over delivered on our defined sales goals.

Lenze Boonstra
Global Marketing Leader, Philips Personal Care

Why Rapt Media?

After seeing such impressive results with Year 1 of “Designed to Play,” and wanting to improve upon the already successful campaign, Philips and Ogilvy chose to iterate further based off of the video’s analytics, which showed what content was driving conversions.

Ogilvy’s creative team in Dusseldorf was working on a tight timeline to implement its ambitious mobile interactive video campaign for Philips. There needed to be multiple language versions, and it was critical that the young, tech-savvy audience it was targeting could access the video on mobile devices, including iPhone.

Rapt Media was the only technology platform that could deploy Ogilvy’s creative concept in a mobile browser without requiring the viewer to download a separate app. And because Ogilvy knew it would be creating multiple versions for its large global customer base, the team was eager to find a solution that would minimize the authoring work. With Rapt Media’s scalable solution, Philips was able to launch in the UK and France as well as Russia, Turkey, Germany, and Benelux.

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