'Choose Your Wild' – Interactive consumer education experience

About Toyota’s ‘Choose Your Wild’ interactive experience

To showcase the features and capabilities of Toyota’s new 4Runners, Toyota and agency Rapp created the “Choose Your Wild” interactive video experience. The campaign enabled Toyota to implement a fresh, innovative approach for the new 4Runner launch that increases engagement while capturing granular in-video analytics.

“Choose Your Wild” allows viewers to control their experience as they click through the video, starting with whether they want to “keep it wild” or “turn on the TV.” Adventurous viewers can take the 4Runner out for a virtual test drive by exploring one of three paths, including River Kayaking, Mountain Biking, or Rock Crawling. By controlling the video themselves, viewers get a complete overview of how the new 4Runner handles off-roading.

As the viewer selects different paths, Rapt Media’s technology simultaneously collects granular analytics on the users’ interactions so Toyota can obtain valuable information about its customers—no tedious forms or surveys needed. At the end of each video, the viewer has the option to “build [their] beast,” which takes them to the Toyota 4Runner configurator.

Viewers who select the less adventurous, “Couch Potato” choice, have an entirely different experience. Explore the project above.