Enterprise services

Whether you are a brand or agency producing the next award-winning digital experience, an innovative media company pushing the boundaries of video storytelling, an eCommerce company using video to ramp online sales, a customer-support manager focused on creating the best self-service support experience or an instructional designer obsessed with improving results in online learning, we can provide a custom pricing plan that will meet your needs.

Create premium interactive videos

Rapt Media's suite of cloud-based products makes it fast and easy to build sophisticated interactive video.

Drive deep viewer engagement

Quickly build video experiences that turn passive viewers into active participants.

Turn views into actions

Rapt Media can respond to viewer hotspot choices by revealing relevant content, even outside of the video itself.

Measure and optimize

Rapt Media's analytics platform unlocks a whole new layer of viewer metrics, which means you can see what's working well and what needs improvement so your videos can be optimized on the fly.

A perfect fit for every project

  • Brand marketing

    Rapt media is the creative hub for your 360°, video-based marketing campaigns. Easily add clickable overlays to videos for display ads, quickly create branching stories that capture viewer engagement on syndication partner sites, and drive all of that traffic back to a fully-featured, interactive video experience on your own web properties that delights viewers and converts them into customers and brand advocates.

  • Product demo and how-to videos

    Easily create online tutorials and product demos that viewers control by clicking on the video — a participatory and dynamic learning experience. With Rapt Media, building that project is drag-and-drop easy. And you can monitor user progress and modify the project on the fly based on viewer responses.

  • Entertainment

    Premium content producers need premium content delivery to stay at the top. Social integration, user-directed experiences, and multi-platform compatibility are baseline for success with a digital audience, and Rapt Media's online editor fits seamlessly into the production process. For the first time, your team can easily produce, deliver and evolve interactive experiences that respond to viewer preferences.

  • eCommerce

    From eCommerce to vCommerce, Rapt Media transforms the moving image — be it catwalk footage, product overview, or branded narrative — into a seamless shopping experience for your customers. As flexible as it is powerful, Rapt Media works with any eCommerce platform allowing customers to buy what they see in the video without interrupting the experience.

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Premium features

Note: these features are not available to Express customers.

  • CDN integration
  • Custom pricing plans
  • Project analytics
  • Interactive video API
  • White labeling

Our experienced team of content producers and engineers are committed to understanding your needs.

Express pricing

Is this more than you need? Visit our express pricing page, with solutions designed for do-it-yourself producers, small businesses and non-profits getting started with interactive video.

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