Frequently asked questions

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Why Rapt Media?

Rapt Media powers an online technology platform that makes it easy for content creators to build sophisticated, interactive videos in HTML5. We take away any technical barriers (transcoding, hosting, publishing, browser support, etc.) so that video creators can concentrate on making content that is rich, immersive and interactive. Our interactive editing tool is drag-and-drop, which means it only takes minutes to build and publish an interactive video. And we have an analytics dashboard that generates powerful information on video ROI, what’s working and what isn’t.

What is a video project?

Since Rapt Media allows many videos to be strung together in a unified branching-path structure — we label the entire experience a “video project”.

What is a play?

A “play” is very similar to the commonly used “view”, except that “play” describes a complete play-through of an interactive video project — not just a single viewing of an individual clip within it.

What is storage?

One of the great advantages of using Rapt Media is that all of your videos can be uploaded, encoded, and stored in the cloud. This means that you don’t need to worry about doing all that work locally on your computers. We maintain all of your uploaded videos, and keeping them secure and available is what we’re referring to as “Storage”.

What is a link-out button?

This is the ability to assign functionality to any of your on-screen interactive buttons to “link” to another website (URL). The button can be styled however you want, but instead of taking the viewer to another video, they are taken to somewhere else on the web. Very useful!

How do I share my videos?

There are a number of ways to show off your great videos:

  • You can simply copy the URL (web address) from the public Rapt Media video play page, and send it to your viewers. This will let them view the video directly from Rapt Media.
  • From the project creation page, you can click the “share” tab, and push your video to your Facebook wall, or your Twitter stream.
  • From the same “share” tab (above), Rapt Media allows you to copy the embed code, and embed your interactive project on any website of your choice.

Will my video projects work on iPads?

Yes! One of the beauties of Rapt Media’s technology is that we’re built natively using HTML5 — meaning that your audience will get a seamless viewing experience on their mobile iPad devices.

What additional features can I expect?

We’re always working on new stuff, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check out our blog to see what we’re cooking up.

Other questions?

We love hearing from you so please don’t hesitate to contact us.