Interactive video: Introducing the Rapt Media and Kaltura partnership

by Jennifer Burak |

In March of 2017, we announced an exciting new partnership with Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, to bring enterprise companies and educational institutions better learning and engagement through interactive video experiences. Through the integration of our platforms, Rapt Media and Kaltura power a video experience that resets the business approach to deeper engagement and deeper learning.

Now, almost a year later, with our integration complete, we wanted to use the technology ourselves to provide an interactive video experience that breaks down our partnership, how our integrated offering works while providing an easy way for getting in contact with us to get started. Below is a breakdown of the experience or simply experience it yourself by clicking here or scrolling below.

Main Menu and Interactive Menu

Learn more about “the next generation of video”, why not all interactive video technologies are created equal in terms of the value they provide and why “branching video” is the solution that drives relevancy, deeper engagement and learning.

The Partnership

Hear from Kaltura’s VP of Customer Success, Perry Fetterman and Rapt Media’s CEO, Erika Trautman on how their two companies found each other and why their partnership forms a meaningful solution for enterprise companies and higher learning institutions.

How It Works

Get a demo of how the the Rapt Media Kaltura Media Space Module works.

Use Cases

Gather a deeper understanding of the different use cases and solutions that are provided for enterprise education, Higher Education and Customer Education.

View the experience below

Rapt Media Strategic Guide & ROI Workbook

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