New tech sets new expectations

Learn from Forrester’s principal analyst serving B2C Marketing Professionals, Jim Nail, and Rapt Media’s founder & CEO, Erika Trautman, as they discuss the influence of emerging content technology on personalization, consumption, data, and ROI.

As part of our interactive video series, you’ll gain insights about:

  • Where content tech dollars create the most value
  • Why consumers’ self-guided discovery of content matters
  • How content performance metrics are evolving
  • How technology is changing expectations from online video consumers
  • How interactive content drives deeper engagement by offering choice 

In our discussion Forrester and Rapt highlight how content experiences worthy of engagement invite consumers to explore more deeply what is relevant to them. This in turn personalizes their experience and builds their relationship with your brand. Ready toy to learn why? Download the interactive video series for the full discussion.