Episode 1: Hello World. Welcome to Rapt Media!

Meet the team behind Rapt Media! In this episode, you can: 1) Explore downtown Boulder with Rapt’s founders as they share Rapt Media’s story and what they envision for the future of Web-based video storytelling; 2) Grab beers with Rapt’s VPs of Product and Engineering while they dish about life at a Boulder tech company; or 3) Have tea with Rapt’s VPs of Marketing and Sales as they discuss transitioning from leading NYC-based digital media companies to Boulder’s flourishing media/tech scene.

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What is Storytelling 2.0?

"Storytelling 2.0" is Rapt Media's interactive video web series that lets viewers interact with a behind-the-scenes view into the "next wave of storytelling." Each engaging episode brings the audience deeper into understanding interactive video technology by interacting with the technology itself. How meta!

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