Transport audiences through interconnected video content with ease.

Build a flexible narrative where video clips link to video clips and webpages respond to interactions within the video. The storytelling possibilities are endless, and the result is a non-linear, ultra immersive user-driven experience. Plus, it’s all extremely easy to produce.


Deep engagement

Link an unlimited amount of content to tell a seamless story and harness the depth of the web in the simplicity of a video.
Person Outline

Unlimited customization

Tailor the experience to each individual user for a deeper level of engagement and interaction.

Interact with the web in brand new ways.

With Rapt Media, video and web work together in an entirely new way to build next level customer experiences.

The Rapt Media Player now makes watching a video as immersive as navigating a website. Especially when you can present your video content any way you like. Play on mobile devices without going fullscreen? Absolutely. Fully integrate your Rapt Media project into a microsite or branded digital environment? You bet.

Mobile Devices
Universal device support
The only interactive video player that works flawlessly on mobile without an app.
Magnifying Glass
SEO for everything
Capture more eyes from organic search when every node in your project is crawlable.
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Fully linked webpage and video
Create video that pushes to the web and webpages that can control the video.

Creative possibilities meet deep data.

With unparalleled reach—thanks to our “play anywhere” functionality and ability to serve user-tailored content—no one else offers data like Rapt Media.

Our custom analytics solutions help you track the performance of your videos, learn faster, and fine-tune your creative ideas in real time based on robust user data.


Gather rich data

Fully integrate Rapt Media with your analytics solution.
Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and Core Metrics are currently supported, but we can customize solutions even further to fit your needs.


Know your audience

View lead-gen data from user interactions.
Utilize data to deliver personalized experiences to not only reach your audience, but also engage and convert them.