Interactive Video Showcase

Customer Testimonial: Hodes and the Future of Recruitment Advertising

We took this as a new, cutting-edge technology to create a solution to a problem that our clients didn’t even know they had. And as a result, the engagement levels have
absolutely gone through the roof.

Dewey Moss, VP of Video Production at Hodes

The Customer: Hodes, a Division of Findly

Hodes, a recruitment advertising agency celebrating 40 years in the industry, works with firms to help their employer brand reach the recruits they need to hire. Recently acquired by Findly Talent, Hodes is beginning to corner the market in terms of where the future of recruitment advertising is going – no surprise, video is involved.

The Need: Reach and Engage a Younger Generation of Job Candidates

Hodes was faced with the challenge of reaching a younger audience made up of millennials – the generation currently job searching most. Notorious for having a short attention span, Hodes needed a way to educate this audience in an engaging way in order to help bring its clients’ worlds to their candidates’ fingertips.

Nothing speaks louder than testimonials, or videos of real people from companies talking to candidates about their real solutions, their real environments, and what it’s really like to work there, so video is a hot product for Hodes to be able to offer its clients.

On top of needing a video solution, Hodes was looking for a way to easily iterate on video content in real-time – a major advantage for modifying video that might not be performing as well as originally planned (millennials can be fickle after all). Also, with the advent of HTML5, Hodes wanted a platform that would work on mobile as Flash isn’t something it uses internally.

The Solution: A Flexible Nonlinear Video Platform

Hodes chose to offer Rapt Media’s HTML5 mobile-friendly interactive video solution to its clients. “We can actually help engage their candidates in a way that they’re used to interacting with media now,” Moss said. “The heightened engagement has been just an incredible solution for our clients.”

The flexibility of the interactive video platform made it easy for Moss to work with his development and creative teams to engage people in a way that they understand. Rapt Media’s platform worked with the development practices already in place at Hodes, which, according to Moss, was the key deciding factor in choosing a solution.

“I saw an incredible wealth of things that could be done not only with the nonlinear viewing, but also with the API,” Moss said. “The way the API interacts allows you to do anything that you’d like to do … the other competitors could not do that.”