Building interactive video experiences has never been easier.

With Rapt Media's cloud-based interactive video platform, build experiences in the Composer, publish them to the player, and measure them in the analytics dashboard. If that's not enough, you can create new, totally custom experiences using the API.


Build choice-based interactive experiences in minutes with the Composer, our simple drag-and-drop browser-based tool. Connect videos, link out to additional content and calls to action, manage captions, and more—all without writing any code.


Simple media management

Uploading and managing media within the Composer is simple. The media library accepts virtually any video file type. When you upload, we transcode the clip into all the versions needed to play across devices—even natively on iOS.

Browser-based editing

Get up and running in no time. Our easy-to-use browser-based software means there are no apps to download and nothing to install.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

The Composer’s drag-and-drop interface allows users of all technical skill levels to arrange content and form a multiple-path interactive narrative.

No code writing needed

Develop experiences without writing any code. We handle the tough, technical work behind the scenes.

Embed & launch

Build once, publish everywhere. Our platform serves interactive videos in an embeddable player, which loads everything it needs from the cloud. Browser and device detection and support? We’ve got it covered.


Flexible distribution

Embed experiences almost anywhere you can put HTML: apps, websites, LMS's, blogs, or multiple places at the same time. Edits and revisions are published to all the instances with a single click.

Secure global hosting

Using a global content delivery network, we make sure your project is available quickly to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Mobile and browser compatible

Don’t worry about the technical differences between browsers and devices. Our responsive, browser-agnostic player does the work to serve the experience correctly.

Easy captions and subtitles

Our player handles captions and subtitles with ease making your interactive experience accessible to your entire audience. Check Section 508 compliance off your list.


With the Composer’s analytics dashboard, measure audience engagement with your interactive experiences, and better understand viewer behavior by tracking what paths they choose. What’s more, you can measure custom metrics that align directly with your business intelligence strategy.


Viewer behavior insight

Craft experiences around your analytics goals, instead of the other way around. Our analytics dashboard makes it easy to track content use and gain insights into user trends through choices made.

Informed iterations

Learn which specific parts of the experience drive behavior and which are less effective—and then iterate with that intel.

Google Analytics integration

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID to your experience and push granular data about user actions to your existing GA property.

Thinking outside the box

Our Composer's powerful built-in tools allow you to create custom button events and timed API events for tracking towards your interactive experience’s unique goals.

Integrate & customize

Extend your video experience outside of the player with the power of our client-side JavaScript API. While you always have the conveniences of our platform, our API allows you to build custom integrations with third-party software solutions, drive new types of interactions, and break down the walls between video and the page around it.

Powerful player API

Our client-side Javscript API allows for two-way communication between the video player and its surrounding page. Learn more about our API.

Third-party software integrations

Leverage existing integrations with third-party software solutions, including most modern LMS, CMS, MAS, and analytics services.

Create new types of interactions

Create custom interactions such as swipes or drags, or even control the video by capturing events from outside the player. The options are endless.

No more barriers

Develop your custom experience with ease. Modern API patterns and a host of existing client solutions means any team can quickly build great interactive video projects.

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