Will You Fit into Deloitte - Gamified Video for Recruitment

It’s a slick clean player to the viewing public and is equally as clean and well put together on the backend, but the fact that it works natively on mobile was the deal maker for us.

Logan McMillan

Deloitte's goal - interactive recruitment video

Educate potential candidates of Deloitte’s Graduate Recruitment campaign about the company’s culture and various service lines in a light hearted, innovative, and interactive way, transforming what are usually dry and boring recruitment videos.

The concept

Deloitte New Zealand, working with Little Sister Films digital video agency, created “Will You Fit Into Deloitte,” a point of view, interactive recruiting video that takes viewers inside the Deloitte culture while also educating viewers on Deloitte’s various service lines. By clicking on choice points within the video, viewers get to walk in the shoes of a new Deloitte employee and decide his courses of action (be they right or wrong).

Success metrics

  • Novel use of gamification in a recruiting video
  • Works across all devices
  • Average viewing time of over 4 minutes
  • Significant social buzz around the project
  • Outperformed similar linear video posted on YouTube

Why Rapt Media?

Deloitte Screengrab

Deloitte New Zealand needed something unique and fresh for its 2014 Graduate Recruitment campaign. However, recruitment videos tend to be dry and boring. Little Sister Films (LSF), the digital video agency behind the Deloitte campaign, aimed to create something that was light hearted, took you inside the Deloitte culture, and educated the viewer on the various service lines the company has to offer.

LSF decided to create a POV (point of view) interactive day in the life video, and after doing some research found Rapt Media to be the only solution that met their requirements. In need of something that not only works on desktops but also tablets, mobile phones, and the trickiest platform, iPhones, LSF turned to Rapt Media since it’s the only player currently capable of handling all those devices. Little Sister Films also leveraged link-out buttons to external websites to drive traffic to specific areas of the website.