Interactive Video Showcase

Maybelline New York – Interactive tutorial video driving engagement and conversions

Rapt Media was the only technology that had everything we needed. Mobile delivery, high quality, easy to author and publish, and an experienced team to support us.

Lea Miller, Producer ICED Media

Maybelline New York’s goal – highly engaging interactive tutorial

Educate consumers about beauty products and trends in application, engage those consumers for sustained periods, and convert that engagement into product sales.

The concept

Maybelline New York, working with the agency ICED Media, created #TheGlamourEye – an interactive beauty adventure with The Glamourai stylist and blogger Kelly Framel. Viewers would have the unique ability to click on the video to choose which signature make-up looks they wanted to learn about, and then be able to click directly to those featured products.

Success metrics

  • Launched in 6 countries, 2 languages
  • Brand engagement exceeded 3 minutes per viewer
  • Average 3 video interactions per viewer
  • Improved click-through to purchase by 14X over industry average

Why Rapt Media

Maybelline New York is a renowned global beauty brand that encourages consumers to capture trends from the catwalk and try them on the sidewalk. Maybelline empowers women to make a fashion statement, explore new looks, and flaunt their own beauty and personal style with creativity and individuality.

Maybelline New York has been using tutorial videos to show how its products can help women achieve signature looks and styles for years, yet with the launch of its new Big Eyes Mascara line, they wanted to bring the product to life through an unprecedented, interactive tutorial experience. They envisioned a video that would speak directly to consumers and allow them to choose how their beauty adventure would unfold.

Rapt Media’s user-friendly platform made adding interactivity to the content easy and quick, a necessity to fit into a very tight production schedule. In addition, Maybelline New York was set on engaging mobile viewers, and unlike other video technologies, Rapt Media’s HTML5 solution enables viewers to watch the video and make product purchases directly from a mobile device.


Want the full case study?

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Want the full case study?

click to download

Download the PDF