Video without boundaries.

The Rapt Media Composer is a cloud-based creative tool and editing suite wrapped into one easy-to-use product. Tell stories any way you want by connecting video to video, video to web, and back again. Because limitations are boring.

Rapt Media Player LayersRapt Media Player Layers

Embed Code

Deploying Rapt Media Project is as easy as copy and paste.

Interactive Layer

A clickable interactive layer always accompanies your video content and can do almost anything like:

  • cue or launch different media
  • jump to specific timecode
  • trigger an event on your webpage
  • launch a new web page or an app
  • add items to a shopping cart

Video Clips

Video content plays beautifully across devices and the UI is customizable.

Easy to share. Hard to ignore.

The Rapt Media Player quietly unlocks the potential for your audience to navigate a world of possibilities within your video content. And interactive content can be viewed everywhere. Yes, even on mobile devices. No, additional apps aren’t required.

Simply embed your project and benefit from expanded reach, increased engagement, and killer conversions.

Demo Tablet Video

Media that does more than just play.

Empower your audience to explore seamless interactive worlds and allow them to forget that online video has ever been any other way.

Together, The Rapt Media Composer and The Rapt Media Player form a simple but powerful solution for telling richer, more personalized stories.

2x Conversions
3x Engagements
14x Higher CTR

Better interactions. Better data.

The best decision for your business.

Higher Value Views
Sharper Insights
Mobile Friendly

Capture your audience’s actions and adapt in real time

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