Although Marketers Understand the Importance of Personalization, Current Tech Investments Fall Short

BOULDER, Colo. – April 4, 2016 – According to the new report, “The Future of Content: Measuring Content Performance,” marketers have a tremendous content measurement problem and are struggling to accomplish true personalization. Both of these challenges are rooted in the wrong content metrics and technology investments.

Rapt Media, a leader in groundbreaking interactive video technology, recently surveyed over 500 marketers to understand how they are approaching content personalization, their biggest challenges with content metrics, and what they need to prove the value of their content technology investments.

According to the research, marketers say their biggest challenge is proving content ROI, but they are struggling to do this due to a lack of insights that go beyond surface-level metrics like clicks and views. And although marketers understand the importance of creating personalized experiences, their current technology investments have left them feeling like content simply can’t be personalized enough to engage different audiences and that it’s not versatile enough to be leveraged across channels and devices.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 59% say gaining deeper insights is their biggest concern when investing in content
  • 98% say they’d be more willing to invest in content technology if it addressed their measurement concerns
  • 75% say content today can’t be personalized enough for different audiences
  • 47% say content isn’t versatile enough and can’t be leveraged across multiple mediums and devices
  • 60% are unable to measure ROI on the content they produce
  • 49% are unable to measure content performance across all channels in aggregate

“To prove that content is effective, it has to be measured in a way that shows how it truly engaged and resonated with audiences. Creating one-size-fits-all content and distributing it across different channels doesn’t accomplish personalization, and it is no longer a viable strategy for creating meaningful connections,” said Erika Trautman, founder and CEO of Rapt Media. “Marketers need to prioritize a more personalized content experience, before distribution is even considered, to know how content metrics drive certain audience behaviors so they can optimize it for a more personalized customer-centric experience.”

The report highlights that engaging an audience with personalized content takes significant resources and investment, and investment requires a business case based on meaningful data. Marketers are currently allocating budget for content distribution and management technologies, but if they want to create and measure truly personalized experiences, it requires a shift in investment to derive the deeper layer of content metrics that is so desperately needed.

Download “The Future of Content: Measuring Content Performance” report to discover the importance in measuring the return on content investment.

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