The future of short-form video: Make it native, social, and mobile (and interactive)


London’s Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015

The Digital Shoreditch Festival, held annually in London since 2011, celebrates some of the best technical, creative, and entrepreneurial talent that the world has to offer. People from around the globe gather to present and experience the cutting edge of the newest, most innovative fledgling technologies that will go on to fundamentally change the way we market, create, and consume media.

Rapt Media Presents!

It’s no surprise then that Rapt Media’s co-founder and CEO, Erika Trautman, had a prominent presence on the stage last Friday, where she explained Rapt Media’s innovative interactive video platform as a solution to the changing media landscape to a full house. (Click here to see a SlideShare of her presentation, “Technology, Creativity & Data: How to tell your story, engage your audience and gain valuable data from interactive video.”)

In her presentation, Trautman spoke about the critical role short-form video plays as the majority of video consumption shifts to mobile devices. This is especially essential for millennials, who check their smartphones 8,000 times per year, and consume most of their news, entertainment, and marketing messages while on the go.

Interactive video puts the viewer at center-stage, which is especially appealing to a generation that grew up on the Web, where users actively engage with content rather than passively consume it. It’s time to bring what’s at the core of the Web to video – and that starts with interactivity. Unsurprisingly, these ideas have created waves in the digital marketing community.


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Warner Bros. ‘Focus’ on engaging mobile millennials with interactive video


It’s almost the weekend, and if you’re keeping up with the latest Hollywood buzz, seeing “Focus,” Warner Bros.’ caper about complex cons (and the attractive con artists pulling them off – cough, cough, Will Smith), is probably in your plans.

But behind every great movie is great advertising, and before you hit the popcorn stand, you’ll want to check out the incredibly creative social media campaign, “Focus on the Con,” created by Warner Bros. Keeping with the theme of the movie, the campaign allows users to step into the shoes of a con artist, testing their skills through a series of interactive video scenarios to see if they have what it takes to pull off a con. Whether you attempt to con the Internet Mogul, the Investment Banker, or the Art Dealer, the fun campaign gives you a more personalized experience with the story.


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See why Forrester recommends interactive video over traditional video

[Editor’s Note 4/13/15: You missed the window to download the Forrester report. If you want to learn more about what Forrester Research is saying about interactive video, watch the on-demand webinar here.]

Last year, Forrester Research released “Move Beyond Awareness With Interactive Video,” a comprehensive report on the benefits of interactive video. The stats and figures that came out of the research are thought provoking and impressive, and we’ve been using them as proof points for how interactive video can help companies see higher completion rates, engagement, and ROI with their online video content.

But instead of just telling you about all these points, we wanted to share the report* in its entirety with you can see why Forrester recommends interactive video, and so that you can get the full-picture-view of what interactive video is and how it’s changing the way we produce and present content.

Though it’s normally $499 to download the report from Forrester itself, we’ve licensed it for a short period of time, so make sure to download the report today*.


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5 predictions for online video in 2015: How today’s emerging trends will grow into marketing must-haves


This article was originally published on on 12/8/14.

The online video industry moves quickly. As the year comes to an end, we’re already contemplating what’s in store for online video in 2015. For marketers and publishers alike, the new year creates a tremendous opportunity to shake off the shackles of everyday execution, start thinking big for 2015, and determine how to deliver a new level of sophistication, user engagement, and results.

From mobile video to marketing automation to digital-first programming, here’s how we see today’s emerging trends growing into marketing must-haves in 2015.


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Rapt Media featured in Techstars’ new ‘Where Are They Now’ video series


Turning a startup from an idea to a success isn’t easy, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Techstars. Rapt Media, a Techstars 2011 alum, joins 500 other startups that’ve gone through the accelerator program. Eighty percent of Techstars companies are still active, and Techstars is telling the stories of these startups in its new “Where Are They Now?” series, which highlights the post-program adventures of some of these companies.

Rapt Media is thrilled to be one of the first in this series, along with our Boulder-based friends at RoundPegg and Occipital. Check out the video below to hear how Rapt Media went from two founders and an engineer working in our CEO’s parent’s basement to where we are now: 15 employees and growing (hint: we’re hiring!).


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In the press: The latest from and about Rapt Media


August was a busy month for Rapt Media, particularly because of our two big announcements. First, we shared the closing of our $3.1 million round in venture financing, led by Boulder Ventures; and second, we announced the exciting launch of our integration with marketing automation system Eloqua.

And we’re not the only ones excited about this news. We’ve received some great coverage from some big names in tech, such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, VideoInk, Reuter’s PE Hub, and StreamDaily, as well as some great local publications, like the Daily Camera, Built in Colorado, Xconomy, and Denver Business Journal.

In addition to these fantastic media outlets writing about Rapt Media’s latest happenings, we were also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in a story that speculates on what areas AOL’s Tim Armstrong might consider focusing on with the extra $300 million AOL is raising in a convertible bond offering. According to the WSJ’s Mike Shields, AOL should look into companies “focused on making Web video ads more attractive/interactive.” Read the full story here.


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